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March 21, 2019

Paul Casey

Palm Harbor, Florida

Q. Curious about the bunker shot on 18, which looked pretty good.
PAUL CASEY: Wish I had left myself that for birdie last year. It was familiar though. Same pin, wasn't it. Same pin on 17, same pin on 18, almost the same pin on 16.

Q. Are you ever going to get around to answering this question?
PAUL CASEY: No. I forgot what the question was.

Q. Your bunker shot on 18.
PAUL CASEY: The bunker shot? What about it? It was a nice bunker shot. Yeah, no, I played nicely today. The bunker shot was just an example of that. Probably didn't maximize my score, left a couple out there. But enjoyed playing with Dustin and Gary. Always first to hit, so it's always nice.

Q. What was the biggest challenge with the conditions this afternoon?
PAUL CASEY: I think firmness of the greens, just trying to -- and gauge the wind. Very rarely here on this course do you get the same direction twice, even on the same hole. You're always just slightly turning. So gauging that wind. And we got caught out -- I say we because it's nobody's -- Johnny's great at what he does -- but we got caught out on a couple of holes, like the front nine, the 3rd is a great example of that. Felt like I hit a quality shot and walk away with a bogey. Yeah, it was tricky. But it's the same for everybody.

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