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March 20, 2019

Amanda Anisimova

Miami, Florida

A. ANISIMOVA/A. Petkovic

6-4, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Petkovic has been in the top 10 multiple times. I'm curious, what was the toughest part about playing her today, and how you feel like you got over the finish line?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Yeah, she's obviously a really great player, so I was expecting a really tough first round. It was a really tough match overall, and I'm really happy with how I played today and got through it.

Q. Do you feel a lot of pressure yet, or is it still kind of going with the rise?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Not really, but obviously playing at home, I get kind of nervous. So today there was, like, nerves I was battling.

Q. What's your connection with Florida? And how fun is it to play in front of the home crowd here?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: It's obviously amazing. Once I got through the match, then, you know, I started playing better and better, and the crowd was behind me. So it just feels really nice.

Q. Had you been to this venue before?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Yeah, I was practicing, but just like the week before.

Q. But as a spectator for a football game or anything like that?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Oh, no, I haven't watched a Dolphins game.

Q. What do you make of this sort of football stadium but tennis tournament sort of dynamic?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: It's amazing. I think it's so cool how they did it all. I really like playing here.

Q. Do you have any expectations looking not in the tournament but just in your whole season? Top 100? People have a lot of eyes on you. Have things changed?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: No, every tournament I play I'm just going to take it one match at a time, and just hopefully play my best tennis and do everything that I'm doing in practice.

Q. You're at home, but what's the best part about your support system on the road and here, is it something that's a big part of your team?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Yeah, mostly I travel with my coach and my mom. They help me so much. It's really great having them with me, and I always feel, like, 100% with them.

Q. Playing Kontaveit next. How much have you seen her play? If you have seen her play, what do you feel makes her tough to beat?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: I haven't seen much. I know she's a great player, just like everyone else in this tournament is. I will just focus on myself and just play how I did today.

Q. Any movies or TV shows you have been binge watching lately?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: I always watch The Office. It's just my go-to. But I don't really watch anything other than that.

Q. The U.S. version?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Yeah, the U.S. version.

Q. What have you enjoyed the most about the past year and your rise?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: I think it's been a really great year for me. Obviously I'm motivated to do even more.

Yeah, I think that my training has been paying off, and it just keeps me motivated to get higher into the top level, yeah.

Q. Any idols you have looked up to, especially now?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Yeah, I mean, I look up to Maria Sharapova, I always have. At the moment, I'm just really focusing on myself and my game, looking at everything else, like what other players do good and taking positives from them.

Q. Having such a good result in Australia, did anything change for you? Does anything feel different? Or is it just part of the process?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: No, I felt like a while ago, I don't really try to look back on it. It was great and all, but I have to move on. Yeah.

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