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February 11, 2019

Paul Casey

Pebble Beach, California

Q. It took an extra day to get this final round done. Talk about the week.
PAUL CASEY: There was no way we were going to get done yesterday, it was pitch black. Yeah, shame we didn't get done, but I saw images of how this place looked on Saturday last week with the storm that came through and everybody should be applauded, especially the crowd coming out this morning, I mean this place is awesome. It's been a treat this week, I got an up front close look at Phil shooting a great round of golf and winning this golf event. I'm happy with the way I played, I'm very happy we won the team competition. It's been a very good week.

Q. Where do you think things went a little off the mark? You said ball striking needed to be a little bit better. Everything was a bit off, why do you think that was?
PAUL CASEY: I don't function that well in the cold, I must admit. This is a difficult golf course. I played very well around here on Thursday in good conditions and only shot 3-under. This golf course, it looks very gettable, it can expose you. My scoring really came at Monterey Peninsula Country Club and Spyglass, so sometimes it's very, very difficult.

Q. You talked Saturday getting in that competitive frame of mind. Singapore was a good week. How do you use two good weeks like this to accomplish the things you want to get done this year?
PAUL CASEY: There's a lot of good stuff. Hawaii was average. Maui is Maui. Short fields. Sony, just not on it and it was good to get in the mix in Singapore. I was carrying that through, I did a lot of work in the two weeks that I had off, it showed almost instantly that here we are and I'm already playing some good stuff. I've written down a goal of winning L.A. and I had an outside chance of winning this one -- I had a very good chance of winning this one -- still need to go and try and win L.A. and accomplish that goal.

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