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February 11, 2019

Don Colleran

Paul Casey

Pebble Beach, California

Q. Paul, let's start with you, I know the final round didn't feel exactly the way you wanted, but I would imagine you picked up a lot of confidence, a lot of momentum that you can carry on throughout the rest of the season?
PAUL CASEY: I did, yeah, thank you. It was, yeah, it was a battle. I think Pebble's always a very difficult golf course. I think -- I did break par, you got to remember Phil just shot 7-under, that's a phenomenal round of golf and it was cold and it was testing conditions yesterday, but my game's progressed a lot. Struggled a little bit in Hawaii and I've worked hard and fruits of labor are already showing. So I made a good move, good decision.

Q. Absolutely. Big move for you in the FedExCup rankings, along with the Wyndham Rewards top-10 pool. Don, what a great day for you, you had to be a little bit nervous on that tee there morning?
DON COLLERAN: A little bit? You mean when I hit it in the bushes?

Q. Yeah, you played out of the bushes.
DON COLLERAN: Yeah, that was good. It was an amazing week. I'm so out of my element. Paul's wonderful, he made me relax, he's an amazing golfer, but he's a better person. So we just fed off each other for four days and had a great time and magical week. You can't explain it, what it's like to be inside the ropes and watch two world class athletes go at it, hit beautiful shot after beautiful shot, so I'm humbled to be here and it was a great, great week and I'm ready to go back to work and work sounds good right now.

Q. We'll see you later on in the year in Memphis. And forever you guys can come back, go to that first tee and see your names inscribed.
PAUL CASEY: Thank you very much.

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