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February 10, 2019

Paul Casey

Pebble Beach, California

Q. Talk about the decision to mark your ball here and not to finish out.
PAUL CASEY: Well, the sunset quite awhile ago, so I'm surprised we got this far. I think if there was an ability to finish all 18, we would keep going. But right now it's, I don't think the camera's doing it -- you got big lights on, that's why, that's a telltale. Then it's just, what's the point in trying to play how many yards we got with another 800 yards to go or something like. We just can't do it.

Q. Your overall impressions of your round today.
PAUL CASEY: I didn't make anything. I hit some good golf shots and didn't get anything out of it today. So there's still a glimmer. I need to do something special. And obviously I need a mistake. But very good attitude. I dug deep. I was going out there to play my best. It's a tough golf course, I've always found Pebble tough. Phil's put together a spectacular round of golf so far. 6-under, no dropped shots, remarkable stuff.

Q. Tougher in some of these conditions, the ball not traveling as far and stuff like that?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, it is. I'm a Sun Devil. I like the sun. This is brutal. This is why I moved away from England.


Yeah, it's tough. I just hit a poor tee shot back on 15, getting kind of cold to the core. It is tough but it's the same for everybody. We know what it's like. Pebble Beach is so wonderful to play, no matter the conditions. But it's what some would say this is kind of real golf.

Q. Lastly, attitude coming out tomorrow for the last two holes.
PAUL CASEY: Be aggressive. I genuinely couldn't see my putt there on 16. Mark Russell gave us the option to finish, which is why I marked it. So hopefully I can see what I've got for par, knock that one in, and then I'm going to smash it straight at it. Be aggressive on 17. And I played 18 beautifully on Thursday, good drive and hit a 3-iron into 20 feet, 15 feet. I'm going to try and do the same. And really I need to go kind of minimum birdie, birdie or birdie, eagle and that might not be good enough, but that's the plan.

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