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January 31, 2019

Bubba Watson

Scottsdale, Arizona

Q. 5-under, excellent start. Get some comments on your play.
BUBBA WATSON: It was good. New putter in, new driver in, new ball in. So it was good, no bogeys. My ultimate goal is to get better at the short game and putting and so that's kind of what we tried to do is take a step forward this week with a new putter and so it worked out so far. But it's only the first day though, so.

Q. What was the new ball?
BUBBA WATSON: It's the yellow Pro V X the 2019 Pro V X. Just the yellow version.

Q. What have you kind of been up to and what have you been working on since Hawaii?
BUBBA WATSON: Trying to keep my kids in line. I came out here a week early, practiced at Estancia down the street here where I'm a member at, and just kind of, just going through the motions, just wanting to get out of winter weather and come here to the bubble of Scottsdale, which everybody loves and hit some shots. So Estancia is always in great shape so I just went over there and practiced and just tried to get some good solid practice in while I was here.

Q. Have you been doing that in previous years or is this the first time?
BUBBA WATSON: I lived here for nine years, so no matter what people say I actually love Scottsdale very much. It's one of those things where I've been a member there for, gosh, since end of 2007 I think I joined it. And so I always try to come out here and play. I have every -- every time I've been in this field I played in this event. I wasn't in the field in 2006, so that's the only year I didn't play in it when I was on TOUR.

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