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January 11, 2019

Jordan Spieth

Honolulu, Hawaii

Q. How would you assess these two days?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I didn't play well, but it was kind of trying to find what I need to work on to then dial it in.

It's easy on the driving range leading in sometimes, and I felt like I made a lot of progress between the two days for sure. On the greens, around the greens, and with the full swing, and really if my 3-iron and driver were where they should be it's a different story.

For not playing well at all and being on the bad end of the draw, to miss the cut by one is reassuring. I also love the way we fought back there at the end. That was fun. I felt like I was trying to win a golf tournament just to make the cut, which is not really something I want to get used to, but early in the season when I started the day 17 shots back, it was something where I could actually feel some pressure and make adjustments, too.

I've missed cuts before and gone on and won my next event; I've finished runner-up my next event. It's not like an all-tell. I knew coming in that the game was off and needed to kind of start to fine tune.

So I'm in a good space given what happened.

Q. What are you least comfortable with in your game and then most comfortable?
JORDAN SPIETH: Definitely the long clubs right now. The move I'm trying to do with my swing, it's most difficult it's and impossible to do on course. Just the timing of it is just not consistent yet. I had three or four different golf swings throughout the week on the golf course. That's unusual. I don't think I've ever played with more than one kind of swing feel.

I'm trying to just develop a way to make this downswing feel work. Once it clicks, I'll be right back where I need to be. Until then, it's a little inconsistent in the long clubs.

Q. Most comfortable?
JORDAN SPIETH: Probably not the comfort level I want to be with anything yet, but I love to kind of -- I put a really bad stroke on a par putt on 6 today. I had been thinking about my stroke on every putt I had hit from yesterday until that hole, and I just told myself, Just point, aim, and shoot and stop thinking. Because I've been working on my stroke so much that I'm thinking about doing the path of the stroke.

You know, if you think about the stroke you've got now touch or feel. From there on, just point, aim, shoot, and I just started making everything. Wish I had figured that out like the third hole in the tournament not 30-something holes in.

Anyway, it's good going forward. Torrey I've had success once; missed the cut a few times. I'll be still working on stuff, but I'm excited to get there now.

Today was a good day. I was very pleased with the fight today. The frustrating part is I had two controllable moments where I would've made the cut on 12 and 14. I could control that. It was not out of my control. It was decision error to be too aggressive on the putt on 12, and then I could have played it right and made par on 14 very, very easily.

You think have to do more than have to do. It's like back to playing like U.S. Am qualifier. You think you have to go lower than you do. Just never know where birdies are going to come. It's a learning experience, but I'm tired of learning experiences though.

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