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September 29, 2018

Bubba Watson

Webb Simpson

Guyancourt, France

Q. Congratulations on that performance. Give your thoughts on the match.
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, we played great today. Yesterday we played nice, we just got beat. Rory and Ian did some great stuff. We made some mistakes, we switched up our order. When you're playing with him, he keeps hitting every shot flush, makes it easy for me.

BUBBA WATSON: To halve on No. 2 was very critical. That might be in the record books to halve with a 6 on a par 3.

Q. Give us your thoughts, scoring wasn't going America's way, how much pressure was there going into the afternoon?
BUBBA WATSON: We always talk about it, doing our own game, trying to get our own point. At the same time when you see the board like that, and you hear the cheers, it gets to you. And if it's the other way. If it would have been our team putting the board up, it would have energized us. It was definitely critical for us. He made so many good putts today; that's what kept us in it. Yesterday it was them making the putts, and today we made them.

Q. Thoughts going into tomorrow?
BUBBA WATSON: We better play good.

WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, we got a lot of work to do, but we still got a chance.

Q. What was the difference from yesterday to today?
BUBBA WATSON: When we set back and looked at it, and you tell yourself you're not playing bad golf, and we didn't, and we look at the stretch yesterday, we missed a putt on 8, 9, 10 was rough, and then on 13, that shot that McIlroy hit, that's got the be the shot of the year. And then the putt.

So I didn't see that we did anything wrong, I just think they made the putts, and that miraculous birdie on 13 was amazing. So I didn't see bad golf. And then because of conditions and everything, we switched it up and went odd/evens. We switched it up a little.

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