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September 29, 2018

Paul Casey

Tyrrell Hatton

Guyancourt, France

Q. Very special situation for you, because this is the result of a decision that you made last year to come back and resume your membership on The European Tour. With that in mind, how special is this, an opportunity to win your first point this time around?
PAUL CASEY: I feel over the moon. Knowing how good this European Team was going to be, I desperately wanted to be a part of it. I missed it. Once you taste The Ryder Cup, there's nothing else like it.

I am elated right now to have got a point because this man, as well, it was pure team work out there, against two really classy guys, I have to say how classy Dustin and Rickie are, all the way through that match, it was a great match. They were gentlemen.

It's emotional. Feels great. It's ten years.

Q. You're getting emotional, aren't you?
PAUL CASEY: I am, yes. Ask him a question.

Q. You've never done this before, and I'm sure people will have tried to tell you what it's like. Could you have I imagined that this is what it was like?
TYRRELL HATTON: No, definitely not. Playing in this atmosphere is unbelievable, and certainly you'll never forget playing in a Ryder Cup, and this is a very special moment for me, and my family, as well.

Q. Were you nervous?
TYRRELL HATTON: I thought I was going to be more nervous to be honest. I was quite happy with -- I was fairly controlled. But I think anyone's going to be nervous on that first tee. What a way to start the day.

Q. Early you came out absolutely on fire.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, thank you, I did, going up against Rickie and Dustin, they are such gentlemen, amazing players. We knew the U.S. was going to come out guns blazing after our amazing performance in the foursomes yesterday, and I desperately wanted a point after playing a great match against Dustin and Jordan yesterday. I threw my heart at it and got nothing out of it. So I wanted a point; ten years since I last had one and I came out guns blazing, but I got backed up by this great man here, because without him, we wouldn't be standing here as winners today.

Q. You came alive in the middle of this round and kept it running right till the end.
TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, it was a little bit of a struggle for me early on. Just couldn't quite find the rhythm. You go through phases like that, but I've been hitting the ball well on the range, so I just needed to kind of keep calm and just wait for it to happen. Obviously very happy to play how I did coming in and back Paul up, and delighted to win the first point for Europe.

Q. How special of an experience is this Ryder Cup for you and your family?
TYRRELL HATTON: It's incredible. You hear stories about how good it is, and obviously you think it's going to be amazing, and then it exceeds all expectations. It's an honor to be here and play on this team, and yes, just absolutely loving it.

Q. You're shaking your head in affirmation as Tyrrell was talking about that. How special is it for you to be back?
PAUL CASEY: It's an amazing feeling. This might be -- it's all going on, I love this, I just love it (crowd cheering) once you get a taste of it -- you don't know what it's like until you've been in one and played in one. It's like a drug -- it's amazing. It's awesome.

Nothing bets representing your country, whether that's for us representing England and Europe, or the USA's National Anthem being played. We have massive respect for this U.S. Team, as well, one of the best -- I'm not good on stats but one of the best they have ever had on paper and this is one of the best we've ever had on paper.

We know the battle we have ahead of us, and what an honour to be representing our half of things and trying to beat that great U.S. Team.

Q. Tyrrell, is that the greatest feeling on a golf course you've ever had?
TYRRELL HATTON: Yeah, obviously it's pretty close to when you win yourself, but obviously this week is all about being part of the team, and I'm absolutely delighted to obviously partner with Paul, and so happy we could win a point today. We played great yesterday, and unfortunately we couldn't get anything out of that, although we probably everybody deserved something. To come out and play as we did, we dovetailed pretty well, and yeah, just delighted to make a point for the team.

Q. Why does this partnership work so well, do you think?
PAUL CASEY: I don't know -- I would partner with any of these 11 of my teammates. They are all amazing.

Tyrrell, I mean, bless him, it took him until, what, the eighth today to finally make a putt all week (laughter) he's one of the best putters in the world. I've got five pairings with different partners -- we thought it works. We get along well -- really, really well and today was a great example of that. Like he said, Casey Express, but I derailed through the middle and he was right there kind of parked the bus, so to speak, just making some good saves and not letting the U.S. win too many holes back.

Yeah, an honour and privilege to stand next to him and win a point with him.

Q. Can I ask you about your first Ryder Cup, being in the middle of this chaos and craziness, watching you come down 16 with your match still in the balance, although you were 3-up, you're seeing teammates on the big screen, winning points, hearing roars, what is that like to be in amongst the as a player?
TYRRELL HATTON: It's obviously special. Although we're concentrating on our own matches, it's good to see how the other guys are getting on. It gives you a bit of fire, a bit of momentum, things going your way.

Yeah, it's good to see the other guys up in their matches.

Q. I saw Thomas Björn pull the two of you together as you came off the 18th green, what did you tell you? You know a big lead can mean absolutely nothing.
PAUL CASEY: Exactly that. I'll show you -- for us, he said -- actually I'm not going to show you because pairings aren't in for this afternoon and there's all sorts of stuff probably still going on.

But we are on this, correct. There is no complacency. We have the utmost respect for this amazing U.S. Team and we are being incredibly diligent. Yeah, ticking all the boxes.

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