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September 28, 2018

Bubba Watson

Guyancourt, France

Q. Bubba, good start to the match. You guys got it going and then maybe a little stall and they jumped the momentum and went from there?
BUBBA WATSON: They had a hiccup, the ball went further than he expected on the first hole, so I think we won the first hole. And then it was a great match. It was a great match. He made a couple putts. When I say he, they made a couple putts. It's only one ball. But they made a couple putts and we didn't make anything, so we never could capitalise on some of our shots or our chances, you know, to put pressure on them. They just beat us. It wasn't like, you know, we played bad golf. It was just we couldn't get the ball in the hole.

Q. Did the wind affect you guys, or did they play it better or was it neutral?
BUBBA WATSON: I think it's very neutral. Obviously it's tough, so you're going to play certain shots differently or whatever. The wind is not going to affect the putts, so it just came down to they made a couple putts. That birdie he made on -- they made on 13, where Rory hit it on the cliffs of the water and Poulter made it, that was a big you turn around. That could have easily gone our way and they flipped it on us. They flipped it from trouble to winning the hole. That's a big momentum swing, you know, one hole one way or the other way.

Q. Team-wise, rough afternoon. Facing a little adversity going into tomorrow. Does that light a fire under you? You know what you have to do tomorrow?
BUBBA WATSON: Oh, for sure, we have to come out and try to do the same thing. What happened if we flip it and we do exactly what they did today; it's a tie ballgame, and as we know, it's a lot of golf left. Those singles matches can go quick, as a U.S. Team that's lost before with a big lead going into singles. We are going to keep doing what we're doing. I didn't see any other matches, but we played great. We just didn't make the putts that we've got to make.

Q. On a personal level, good to be back? It's been four years since you were in the cauldron here in the action. Did it feel good on the first tee?
BUBBA WATSON: Oh, for sure. This is a dream come true. We love playing, and this is the environment we want to play in. We want to compete against the best, and I don't think there's a better two guys to compete against, Poulter and Rory, seeing them on the board, those are their two legends in the field.

So it was awesome. The atmosphere was awesome. Nobody treated us wrong. Everybody treated us great, and they cheered for their team and that's what it should be.

Q. Good environment?
BUBBA WATSON: It was a good environment, yeah, great.

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