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September 28, 2018

Tiger Woods

Guyancourt, France

Q. It seemed to be a grind out there. What was the biggest challenge this morning?
TIGER WOODS: Well, we both played well early. I know I was really playing well and unfortunately once we got to 2-up through 11 holes, we never made another birdie. I think they birdied, seemed like just about every other hole after that. We just couldn't put any pressure. We couldn't answer them. Consequently, once they started rattling off birdies -- they were playing perfect best-ball. They were nickel and diming it. When one person was in the hole, one person was out of the hole but the person that was in was making birdie.

They put it on us pretty hard.

Q. Did you feel that momentum shifting after the 12th hole maybe?
TIGER WOODS: As I said we were in control of the match being 2-up, but we just didn't make any birdies coming in. You have to make birdies in fourball. You have to do it. We did it early. I think I made about four birdies there on that front nine. Pat had a couple. We were putting it on them, and then on the back nine, it flipped. They put it on us, and we couldn't answer.

Q. Talk about that exchange on 15 with Patrick and what the philosophy was there?
TIGER WOODS: Well, what happened was my lie wasn't quite good enough where I was guaranteed to carry the water, and because I wasn't quite guaranteed to carry the water, I didn't want to leave him in the hole alone; by dumping it in the water, he's got to play the hole alone. I told him, hey, the worst score I'm going to make over here with my wedge game right now is probably par. I'll hit up there inside ten feet. I'll make par and that should free you up to be a little more aggressive and make birdie. He hit a bad shot in the water. I hit it up there to about eight feet for par, and then Tommy buried it from off the green.

Q. What was your biggest takeaway? Still a lot of golf to be played.
TIGER WOODS: The biggest takeaway for us as a team, is that we have a two-point lead, and that's the most important thing. It's disappointing and frustrating for Pat and I to not contribute to the team. When you lose a point, you feel like you're contributed but you're contributing to the wrong team. They got the points instead of us.

That part's frustrating. Wish we could have done a better job, especially being 2-up. Would have been a different story if we were down the entire match, but we were down early, flipped it, got up, and we felt like we should have won the match if we made some more birdies coming in, and we did not.

Tommy and Francesco played beautifully coming in and made a bunch of birdies.

Q. Will you go work on anything?
TIGER WOODS: I'm not going to work on anything. My game is fine. My cut really wasn't cutting off the tee today. I was hammering it. The ball was going far. It was going straight, but it was not cutting. I can accept that. That's really no big deal. My putting feels solid. I'll be ready come tomorrow whenever Captain puts me out.

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