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September 22, 2018

Nick Kyrgios

Jack Sock

Chicago, Illinois


6-3, 6-4

Team Europe - 7

Team World - 5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Can you kind of walk us through this night session, what it felt like emotionally to be on the bench cheering Kevin through that huge win and getting on court and handling your own thing?
NICK KYRGIOS: Honestly it was probably one of the best atmospheres I have ever been a part of, watching Kevin play. Especially towards the end of the tiebreak, I got goosebumps. He hit a forehand, almost a forehand winner at 8-5.

It was just so good seeing -- you know, obviously Kev isn't probably as immature as the rest of the team, and he goes about his business pretty different to us. But, you know, you saw at the end how much it meant to him, and I think he's really starting to embrace the team environment and how much this event means to him.

Yeah, it was unbelievable. Me and Jack always knew we were going to come out there and bring a lot of energy. We obviously won a title this year, which is big for me. It was my first one. But he's done some big things in doubles.

Yeah, I mean, the Kevin match was unbelievable, honestly.

JACK SOCK: So sick.

Q. If you had your pick for tomorrow against someone you haven't faced off yet against on Team Europe, who would it be? If you could pick who to play tomorrow?
NICK KYRGIOS: I'd like to play Jeremy Chardy.

JACK SOCK: Yeah, Chardy, Edmund, and Goffin maybe?

NICK KYRGIOS: Uh-huh. That was a silly question.

Q. Nick, obviously you had a tough match earlier today against Federer. What goes through your mind with such a short time span going from singles to doubles?
NICK KYRGIOS: Well, I mean, it's not like I'm playing for myself, so I can't really linger on that match at all. I had to get changed, get some food, and just get out there for Kevin. I couldn't be, like, sad.

I knew that I had to get back on the doubles court later today. I'm not going to be sour on the court when I'm playing with Jack just because I lost to Federer. It was easy for me to get over it. These guys obviously told me to keep my head up. We are a team.

We started off 0-2, and we evened it up today. We have a big day tomorrow. It wasn't really hard for me at all.

Q. A quick fan question from the Laver Cup Twitter. If you could pair up with any player from the past to play doubles with, who would it be?
NICK KYRGIOS: Sock. I'm not even kidding.

JACK SOCK: Probably Kygs.

Q. How about somebody who doesn't play anymore?
JACK SOCK: That would be for Team World?

Q. Anyone from an earlier era.
JACK SOCK: Probably Sampras or Mack. Their hands are decent. Rafter for you?

NICK KYRGIOS: Probably Marat Safin. Gulbis.

Q. Jack, obviously you have been a force this weekend in terms of your doubles performance and you have helped to put on the board over half the points so far for the team. How do you use this going into the weekend to build off of this confidence, going into tomorrow?
JACK SOCK: I mean, obviously I have a decent amount of confidence right now in the doubles court with playing with Mike at Wimby and New York and getting two slams there. I hope they trust my abilities out there, that's for sure. I don't know.

I think my game suits well for the doubles court, especially if you play guys that maybe don't play a ton of doubles. I mean, everybody is a great tennis player, obviously. We played Federer and Novak last night. Everyone can hit a tennis ball amazing.

But if you have some instincts maybe that you have repeated over and over, like I have played a lot of doubles this year. So some of those instincts kind of kick in maybe at important times, as well, and then having any partner on this team that's also an incredible tennis player.

I trust my instincts a little bit for all the doubles that I have played, and also feed off the team and the guy I'm playing with and go out there and have fun. That's showing a lot on the doubles court, and laughing a lot, and I think we are playing well because of it.

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