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September 23, 2018

Paul Casey

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. Have you ever seen anything like that here?
PAUL CASEY: No, not here. I never saw the Tiger-Phil kind of showdown, but I have not seen it.

Q. Is it kind of an indication of what he does?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah. He's the only person who does it. It's cool.

Q. Can you just talk about what this does going into next week?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, I didn't play very well today, but I'm pumped for next week, pumped for J.R., as well, still being No. 1 FedExCup champion now, which he wanted desperately to stand on that first tee and sort of be No. 1. Yeah, we had a good season. Wish we would have finished off better, but it's still been a solid year.

Q. What does it say about Justin, 38 years old and playing probably his best season? What does that say about his quest to improve and get better?
PAUL CASEY: What does that say about him? I don't know, that's Justin. That's what he's always done.

Q. He seems like one of those guys that maybe doesn't leave any stone unturned.
PAUL CASEY: Correct, yeah. That's why he's world No. 1. But to be honest, that's why we've seen everybody who's been world No. 1 lately be world No. 1. You take somebody like Dustin, your weaknesses are your opportunities. Dustin turned around his short irons and made them a massive asset, world No. 1. Justin Rose, an opportunity with the putting, turned it around, and at times he's putted well, he's won. He's been one of the -- I said to Rex earlier this week, I think he's been the best player over the last decade consistency-wise because some guys haven't been out that long. Tiger has obviously dipped -- he dipped off recently, and he's back. It's like next week already, it's like warm-ups. It's brilliant, isn't it?

Q. Can you put this in context? You've been around for most of his great victories --
PAUL CASEY: This is quite important, though, isn't it? I don't know how to measure it yet and what to tell you, but it's quite significant, this. Anybody who's come back -- but it's Tiger. 14 majors, Tiger. So this is massive. And this is a brilliant victory. This is a tough, tough golf course. Lots of opportunities to slip up, and he's been flawless the last two days. In fact, yesterday was absolutely brilliant golf.

I don't know what it means for golf yet. I was going to say it's immeasurable, but you can kind of measure that. You can see it's pretty obvious what he does.

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