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September 22, 2018

Paul Casey

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. You shot a 66 today, your lowest round of the tournament. How about that birdie there on 18 coming in? That was huge, wasn't it?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, as Johnny said to me, can't break if it's not touching the ground, as he said, as I was racing it about seven or eight feet past when it hit the back of the hole. But it was good stuff today. Threw in an eagle, lots of more opportunities for birdie. I think it's a shot easier today, in fairness, and the cloud cover is helping a little bit. But still, what a golf course. You've got to do so many things well around here, otherwise it bites.

Q. Does that help you prepare maybe for next week? Take us through what your mindset is going into tomorrow. You do of course want to win the golf tournament, but you are also at 26 in the FedExCup standings.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, I think my chances for FedExCup are done. Justin Rose is playing brilliant golf, and Tiger is desperate for a win, isn't he? It's brilliant. I've heard the roars all day today, and it's been phenomenal. What an atmosphere it is out here this week. For me, it's a case of probably I've not got a shot at winning this thing, given how well those guys are playing, but I've got a good record around here. I'd love to throw in some birdies early on. I've had a 64 in the past in a final round, which would be really handy. That would be great. And to be honest, I'm just happy with the game. So a great finish tomorrow carries me on for next week in the Ryder Cup. Lots of birdies, eagles, things like that. That's what I need to do. You've got to have a lot of offense going into a Ryder Cup, and I'm feeling good about the golf game.

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