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September 10, 2018

Jordan Spieth

Newton Square, PA

Q. Jordan, first of all, just assess your week for us, if you can.
JORDAN SPIETH: I was in control of my own destiny and didn't have it this week. Riding some momentum but all in all, just game kind of got a little off.

Q. What were you thinking today, just try to get as low as you could?
JORDAN SPIETH: I didn't think that it mattered much but I knew if I could shoot 4, 5-under in tough conditions that it would make a little bit of a difference but that 2nd Round, you can't shoot over-par here and threw me so much for getting to 30th from 38th, which was going to be, you know, a really solid round today is the difference, you know, of potential scenario outcomes where I could do better.

Obviously I came out trying to play well but I knew it was kind of in other people's shoes, unfortunately, today when the day started.

Q. Is there any chance still? Can anybody drop back?
JORDAN SPIETH: It's Keegan, Gary. I didn't do myself favors coming in. I don't know what I'm projected out right now nor do I have any idea during the round today. I knew that Keegan had to finish worse than I think solo 5th but I don't know any other scenarios other than that.

Q. You want to be to the Tour Championship, don't you?

Q. There's been a lot of written stories about the fact you don't tee it up at the Tour Championship (inaudible)?
JORDAN SPIETH: I'm not sure. I haven't added it up.

Q. Do you know what the deal is with that rule, we're very unfamiliar with it?
JORDAN SPIETH: I assume it will either be a fine or I'm adding some in the fall. I don't know if that counts. I'm not sure. I talked to the Tour a little while back and I didn't really think much of it and it becomes a situation then, you know, I obviously accept whatever fine it is and move on and try and add one every year but it's kind of tough.

Q. What is with the tape?
JORDAN SPIETH: My hand kind of hurt yesterday and was hurting this morning on the range and I taped it up.

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