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September 7, 2018

Tiger Woods

Carmel, Indiana

TIGER WOODS: Very simple. I didn't make any putts. I hit a lot of beautiful putts that were on top of the edge and then obviously hit a couple bad ones on the last hole but looked like all the putts were going to go in but they didn't go in today.

Q. How much different did the golf course play because of temperature and humidity?
TIGER WOODS: As soft as the golf course was, they had a lot of back pins and couldn't get back there, couldn't skip the ball back there. You don't want to go long, you don't want to carry it past the hole and skip over the back.

It was a difficult task to try and flight one to get it back there without, you know, hitting it over the back.

Q. It's difficult, as they say, to backup a low round like yesterday with today. Was that sort of the case?
TIGER WOODS: I hit it just as good and putt it just as good. Nothing went in. That's the way it goes.

Q. Do you feel like there's a bit of missed opportunity, don't seem like you can stand pat around here?
TIGER WOODS: That round today was easily 6, 7-under par. It turned into even par which is not what I needed to do today. Everyone is going low and birdies should be had.

Q. Tiger, what do you think of Kaepernick?
TIGER WOODS: I think Nike is trying to get out ahead of it and trying to do something special and I think they've done that. It's a beautiful spot and pretty powerful people in the spot.

Q. Did Nike tell you it was coming?
TIGER WOODS: They did not tell me it was coming. When corporate does things that are outside of golf and outside of my realm, that's what they do.

Q. Tiger, Serena Williams complimented you, inspiration you've given her.
TIGER WOODS: We talk quite a bit but what she's doing is just truly remarkable. Having a child and having all the duties of a mother and trying to come back and trying to play at the elite level and she's doing it, that's back to back finals, that's pretty impressive.

Q. You have two rounds to go. How cognizant are you of your body right now?
TIGER WOODS: We're training everyday, lifting and treatment and so just staying active, staying after it and that day off I took on Wednesday was key, especially as hot as it has been.

Q. What's the plan going into tomorrow?
TIGER WOODS: I got to make birdies. I have to make birdies and try and keep pace and this golf course is playing soft and getable and tomorrow will be the same thing.

Q. Tiger, how many times were you in a divot at 260, anything special on that?
TIGER WOODS: Not only was it a divot but it was a deep divot. Trying to figure out how in the hell does a divot get that deep that far out there? Had to be from the Pro-Am (laughter).

So, it was lined up 50 yards left of the green. That was the hard part because I couldn't attack it with a normal path. I had to cut across it quite hard to get the club on it and somehow pulled it off.

Q. (Inaudible)?
TIGER WOODS: Well, making a bogey with a sand wedge in my hand is not very good. Dumping the ball in the bunker at 17 also is not very good. I got to hit better shots on the par-3s for sure.

Q. Putting struggles that you had a couple times here recently, seems like you've been on a really good ball-striking roll. Can you take anything good out of that? If you hadn't had those dips with the ball-striking --
TIGER WOODS: My ball-striking has been very good, been consistent and switching to this driver has made a bigger difference, especially in my body. I don't have to swing at it as hard to clear.

I'm swinging easier and hitting the ball further because obviously I'm maximizing my launch conditions. Before, unfortunately, I wasn't.

Q. You've been talking about Serena Williams who you say inspires you as well. What athlete has contacted you throughout what you've gone through that's been -- that's meant the most or been the coolest for you?
TIGER WOODS: I'm friends with a lot of athletes. I can't say just one.

Q. Not to throw anybody under the bus.
TIGER WOODS: No. Some of the retired guys have been through back surgeries and whose careers were cut short. I'm friends with quite a few of those guys and for -- it's pretty cool to hear them say what I'm doing is remarkable to come back from a fusion and do what I'm doing.

Not a lot of people thought that was possible.

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