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August 31, 2018

Jordan Spieth

Austin, Texas

JORDAN SPIETH: Decent start. It was tough. A lot of crosswinds. Played the guessing game on how far it was going to go and I didn't have those approach shots distances dialed in to make anymore birdies. I did well with what I had on and around the greens for sure.

Q. How is it now that you're on that bubble?
JORDAN SPIETH: I'm not really thinking about it. I figure if I just stay out of my own way. I've been progressing nicely week to week, and it takes care of itself. I was actually surprised how much I moved up after last week, which made it seem even easier to continue to move up, right? So ideally this week, play well, have a chance to win Sunday and not worry about up the rest of that there.

Q. (No microphone.)
JORDAN SPIETH: Just with -- the wind was very unpredictable. I love when the wind blows 10 to 15 miles an hour like it was today. But I'm not used to the swirls and it moved from north to east the whole day. That's a big change when I get a lot of crosswinds. I played one shot downwind and it would come up equally short. And then I'd have the same wind on another hole, play it across or into and it would be over the green. It's just like one of those days that was kind of frustrating walking to the greens when I didn't really do a whole lot wrong.

Q. You talked last week about putting falling into place, do you feel like it's still a process getting where you want it to be?
JORDAN SPIETH: I'd say it's like 90 percent back from where it was, which is tremendous progress, for sure. Sure, there's still an adjustment in setup, but it's minor compared to what I had to do before.

Q. Can you comment on what it's like playing in front of the Boston fans? Obviously a big sports crew, but don't see golf too often?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, it's fantastic. I think it's great that even though this tournament is going away, I think it's awesome we'll be coming back here every other year. The players universally really like playing this golf course, and obviously the fan base here is tremendous. Today it was in the morning, so there wasn't a whole lot going on. By tomorrow afternoon I'm sure it would be rowdy, in a good way.

Q. You often say one week can turn around a season, make or break a season. Do you still feel that way about this season?
JORDAN SPIETH: I feel like I'd really like to make a run at the FedExCup. East Lake I think fits my game really well. I think, again, like I mentioned before, progressing week to week nicely, you know. I've had a few Sunday afternoons, more the second half of the year than the first half of the year. And I've just gotten poor breaks early in those rounds, the first six or seven holes that kind of threw me out from having a chance. And that happens, and I'm being patient with it and looking to obviously just get in the mix on a Sunday and see where the game is at.

Like I've said going back the last five years the best preparation to win is to be in contention, see where the tendencies are and adjust accordingly next week. I'm able to play hopefully including this week, four out of five. So I should be able to tell a lot of my game -- five out of six after last week. So hopefully just have a chance Sundays.

Q. Compared to previous seasons when you've had tons and tons of success, how would you rank this season as far as a learning experience?
JORDAN SPIETH: I've learned more about my game this year than any other season, no doubt. I think if I look back at it the right way and I have the last six months or so -- five months or so, which is very patiently, and really trying to dissect what's gone on and why. And if I continue to do that it could potentially be the most important season of my career, no doubt.

Q. How much is returning to a place you had success helped that progression?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yes, sure. Anytime you can go to a course that you know you've played well at in the past. I shot some really low rounds going back to my rookie season. And last year, I was playing well last year, I don't think it mattered where we were playing. This golf course is really fun to play. You hit a lot of different shots off the tees, you work the ball, it forces risk/reward, it's exciting. We really enjoy playing this place. It's less building on the success more, just fun being out there, and staying out of my way, like I said.

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