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August 25, 2018

Phil Mickelson

Paramus, New Jersey

Q. Solid round today, especially on the back nine, you needed to make something happen.
PHIL MICKELSON: It was a tale of two nines because that front nine, I turned a 4- or 5-under par round into 1-over, and the back nine I played well and was able to bring it home.

The front nine was disappointing after getting to a couple-under par and making a bad swing and made a double and missed a couple good birdie opportunities early on. Tomorrow, it tells me there's a 7- , 8- , 9-under par round out there. We saw today with Keegan and Spieth, and if I get off to a good start and play a solid front nine, 2-, 3-under par, and I think that back nine is very gettable; I'm looking to go low.

Q. The guys in the last few groups really struggling, tomorrow should be some great tough?
PHIL MICKELSON: Yeah, I think we're going to continue to see that for a while where the morning wave gets out, you have greens that are tracking a lot better. When you have greens with this much pitch and contour, the greens have to be perfect, so you can use a lot of pace to straighten out putts. Early rounds have a distinct advantage and you saw guys getting hot with the putter. I expect to see that tomorrow and the rest of the Playoffs.

Q. You've been talking about trending all week long. Does today continue that trend?
PHIL MICKELSON: I think it does in the sense that I drove the ball well. I hit a lot of good iron shots. I turned a 64 into a 68, but that's the last little step. The last step is getting out of the round with what I feel like I deserved. The front nine, I threw a lot of shots away, and I just can't afford to do that.

But my play, overall play is trending up. I drove it like a stallion today. It was awesome. Hit a lot of good shots that are starting to come off. Putter is starting to feel better. Game is coming around.

Q. What's clicking with your progress?
PHIL MICKELSON: I've been driving it well. We had a great breakthrough when Andrew and I got together last weekend to start fresh, and it started to really click.

Thursday was an anomaly. Thursday, I drove like I usually do. It was more of a mental block, and yesterday and today, I had a really good day off the tee and if I continue that, I'm going to make a lot of birdies tomorrow.

Q. What would Tony finish awe bring to the team?
PHIL MICKELSON: A ton because not only is he a great player, he's a solid guy. He's one of my favorite guys to be around.

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