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August 13, 2018

Cameron Sisk

Pebble Beach, California

Q. Let's talk about your good playing. Here you are again playing well in a USGA championship.
CAMERON SISK: Yeah, it's a great time. I've got a good feel for USGA events so far. I think ball-striking was a key today. Got a little shaky on the back, but my short game saved me, and it was pretty chill and relaxed round.

Q. Any key moment where the short game really saved you today?
CAMERON SISK: Yeah, on 14 I was short-sided up left at the green and had a really tough shot and put it to about 15 feet and made that putt. So that's really what kept my round together coming in.

Q. You birdied 7 and 8; tell me how you did those.
CAMERON SISK: Yeah, 7 I hit a 3-iron to the front right of the green and it was an easy two-putt from there. I hit one of the best shots of the day my approach shot on 8 to about four feet and made that.

Q. What was your yardage and your club on that?
CAMERON SISK: I had 148, and I hit an 8-iron.

Q. I know you're from California, but have you played here in this area before?
CAMERON SISK: I've played in the area, but I haven't played either of these courses yet, so this is a treat.

Q. What's your feeling about both these courses? You've played practice rounds, obviously, and now you've played a competitive round here.
CAMERON SISK: Yeah, I think Spy might be playing a couple strokes harder. Definitely the rough is not playable at all. If you're not hitting it off the tee well, you're going to struggle to break par. But I think both courses you have to find the fairway, and from there, if you're striking it well and give yourself some looks, you're fine.

Q. After your performance at the Junior, how high is your confidence level right now?
CAMERON SISK: Very. I belong with these guys, and I believe in myself. If I stick to my game, I'll be perfectly fine.

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