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July 20, 2018

Tiger Woods

Angus, Scotland, United Kingdom

Q. Tiger, obviously, you're in it, but are you kicking yourself at all? I know you feel like you probably could have been a little closer to the top.
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I could have cleaned up the round just a little bit. I got off to not exactly the best start, being 2-over through three, but got it back.

The golf course was a little bit softer today, obviously. It rained, and we were able to get the ball down a little bit further, control the ball on the ground a little bit easier today, which was nice, and certainly birdies could be had out there.

Q. What did you hit on 14?
TIGER WOODS: On 14, I hit a 3 iron, 5 iron.

Q. Tiger, there's a shot on No. 2 there where you were going -- because of where you were pointing it, kind of aiming directly at it. Were you ever nervous about hitting that shot, and did you consider not hitting that shot because of the proximity of the crowd?
TIGER WOODS: I kept moving them back. If you noticed, I moved them back about 40 yards. Yeah, I was trying to play for the grass to wrap the shaft around there and hit it left, and I was just trying to hold the face open as much as I possibly could. It grabbed the shaft and smothered it. I was very, very fortunate that it got far enough down there where I had a full wedge into the green.

Q. Tiger, you are unusually popular with the fans here. What does that mean to you?
TIGER WOODS: You know, it's incredible because I -- I've had most of my success -- obviously, twice over at St. Andrews. I've played well in Scotland, and I haven't played in The Open Championship for a couple of years. It's fantastic to have the support we've had. For as many people that came out in the rain today to support us, and obviously, 9 is one of the furthest points on the golf course, and they walked all the way around cheering for us. Certainly, it's very appreciated.

Q. Tiger, is the rain more of a nuisance, or was it worse in terms of being able to grip the club?
TIGER WOODS: No, we had no problem gripping the club. It was nice that it slowed the golf course down. Most of the good scores yesterday were in the morning, and they had no wind, and they had very little wind this afternoon with a softer golf course.

But we certainly had a chance to get the ball down a little bit further and control it on the ground a little bit better. The ball wasn't rolling 80, 90 yards like it was yesterday. It was a little bit easier in that regard.

Q. Same score. How would you compare your day each day?
TIGER WOODS: I played a little bit better yesterday. Today wasn't quite as good, but I finally birdied the par 5. So that's a positive. Right now I'm six back, and by day's end, I think I'll be more than that. It will be a pretty packed leaderboard, and I'm certainly right there in it.

Q. What was that feeling like, Tiger, after all this practise and two rounds?
TIGER WOODS: No, I'm not going to practise today. I'm going to work out, go to the gym, and get my lift in. Be ready for tomorrow.

Q. Was it difficult to adjust to the pace of the greens?
TIGER WOODS: Well, they were slower yesterday in the afternoon. They were bumpier. Today they were, obviously, a little bit slow, but they were smooth. And it was nice to have a little smoother greens. You can see most -- a lot of guys are making birdies out there. The greens are a little bit smoother, and they roll a little bit better.

Q. What's one shot you'd like to have back today?
TIGER WOODS: There are a few. I made a par there at 13, but that was not a very good 9 iron, centre of the green and hardly had anything left. There were a few shots I hit poorly out there. That was one of them. I didn't really draw a bad lie on the tee box.

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