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July 20, 2018

Cameron Sisk

Springfield, New Jersey

Q. Obviously it's going to be emotional to go 21 holes and not get to the ultimate goal. How are you feeling right now?
CAMERON SISK: Yeah, it's a little rough. I played well. I hit a couple clutch shots. Had a few chances to end it.

Guess it wasn't my day.

Q. Do you feel it got away from you a little bit, because you had the 2-up lead late in the match?
CAMERON SISK: I think he just hit a couple good shots and I didn't really execute and he took advantage of it.

That's that.

Q. How many feet was the putt here on 18 the first time through and on the 1st?
CAMERON SISK: It was probably 12 feet, I would say.

Q. Uh-huh.
CAMERON SISK: Then I had about an 8-footer there..

Q. Did you feel like you made both of those?
CAMERON SISK: Yeah. I put great strokes on both of those. Wasn't meant to be.

Q. Yep. What do you take from this whole experience this week? I know right now it's tough because you're in the heat of the moment, but...
CAMERON SISK: A lot of good match play experience. Yeah, I feel like I'm making some good waves going into college.

I mean, I can take a lot of the things from here. Great competing with all these guys, so...

Q. You've already qualified for U.S. Amateur. Will this help you when you go to Pebble?
CAMERON SISK: For sure. Yeah, I will take a lot from this to Pebble. I have a lot of the confidence going into that tournament. See if we can make match play and do some damage again.

Q. If there was one shot you could do over today, is there one there?
CAMERON SISK: There are several. I mean, obviously this putt or the putt on 1 that I could have made. Yeah, then again, I put great strokes on them and didn't go in.

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