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July 20, 2018

Cameron Sisk

Springfield, New Jersey

Q. You advance to the semifinals. First thoughts on that?
CAMERON SISK: Yeah, I'm excited. It feels great. Can't wait to get out there again. Game feels good. Going to give it my all and see what happens.

Q. Thomas went up within the first few holes; tell me about 5 where you scored the match back up.
CAMERON SISK: Yeah, No. 5 he hit a pretty poor second shot and I took advantage of it. Hit it to 12 feet and made sure I just two-putted, because he had a really tough par.

Yeah, that got it back to even.

Q. And the birdie on 9?
CAMERON SISK: Yeah, 9 I hit wedge shot in there pretty close and he had a tough par again. He ended up making bogey, so he conceded my putt.

Q. And finishing up on 17, the birdie?
CAMERON SISK: Yeah, it was really nice. I scrambled my way in kind of on 13 through 15. Had a few tough pars but was able to make them.

He hit a wedge shot in there pretty tight and I put mine to about a foot and a half. So that was pretty clutch there.

He almost made his putt and tapped in for birdie. I'll take it.

Q. And then going into this afternoon, what's the mindset for the semifinal match?
CAMERON SISK: I mean, pars are going to win holes out here. Greens are getting firm. They're getting really, really fast. As long as I limit my mistakes and just keep the ball in front of me, see how things go.

Q. Coming into this week did you feel good about your game, like you expected to be this far, or are you a little surprised?
CAMERON SISK: I think I had total belief in myself that I could get this far. I'm actually doing it now, and -- because match play anything can happen, so...

I've been on the winning side of it so far. Pretty excited about it.


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