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July 19, 2018

Cameron Sisk

Springfield, New Jersey

Q. You advance to the quarterfinals. First thoughts on that.
CAMERON SISK: It's awesome. I can't wait. I'm on a roll right now. Last year I got out in the round of 64, so I was eager to come back and play match play and see how I could do.

It's exciting.

Q. In the match this afternoon you got up first and never let go. Tell me about that start.
CAMERON SISK: Yeah, got off to a good start and hit a good drive. He didn't hit the best drive, so hit it up there on the green, tapped in my par, and he made bogey.

From there I was rolling, and I think I won two of the next three holes. From there I had control of the match. I was making pars and had one birdie I think after that, but pretty much in control most of the match.

Q. Tell me about the birdies on 3 and 4.
CAMERON SISK: 3 I hit a 5-iron to about 20 feet and made that.

And then I hit a 5-iron from the fairway on 4 to about four feet and made that, so that was good.

Q. And then what about 9?
CAMERON SISK: 9 I hit a 3-wood and lob wedge to about four feet and made that.

Q. Obviously two matches in the day, it's a lot.

Q. What do you have to rely on when it's getting late in the day?
CAMERON SISK: You got to stay hydrated; you got to keep feeding yourself. It's a grind.

I think if you just take it one shot at a time and stay focused, don't get ahead of yourself, it's fine.

Don't worry as much about your partner and what they're doing. I was good today. Kept the ball in front of me. That's all I wanted to do.

Q. And then going into tomorrow's quarterfinal match, what is kind of the biggest thing you need to keep doing the same or kind of change?
CAMERON SISK: I'm not going to change a thing. I'm playing well right now. Love the way my game feels right now. I think as long as I keep doing what I'm doing I'll keep advancing.

Q. You said last year in match play you got out the round of 64. Has that driven you to this point to kind of like want to...
CAMERON SISK: Yeah, I honestly don't think I was the best match play player then. I've learned a lot. I've been able to play a little bit of match play since then. I think that's helped a lot.

I'm one more year mature. I think my game is a little better. I think it's just a little bit of everything.

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