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July 6, 2018

Mariah Stackhouse

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. Nice finish to a good day.

Q. How did it go? Talk about your round.
MARIAH STACKHOUSE: Today's round was really consistent. I didn't really get off to a crazy hot start, but it was solid. Had a birdie early on in the round that just kind of gets you comfortable, let's you know that you're going to roll some putts in that day.

From there, you just keep plugging forward. I think that I was the story of the day: minimizing as many mistakes as possible and capitalizing when I can.

Q. How nice is it going into the weekend rolling in that birdie on 18?
MARIAH STACKHOUSE: Yeah, definitely nice. On the back nine in particular there were a couple that just slid by that were great putts, so to finish like that definitely puts a good feeling in me. Hopefully tomorrow get a couple more of those to fall.

Q. You played well here last year. What's your comfort level on this course? I have to imagine you like it out here.
MARIAH STACKHOUSE: Yeah, what I like most about this course is you can be really aggressive with your irons. Downside to that is if you're not striking them solidly you're going to leave yourself pretty well short because they spin a lot this year.

If you're tagging the ball you can get it up there somewhere inside of 15 feet, and from there you can make a lot of birdies.

I think that's what I like about this course. Put it in the fairway, and you've got a good chance on the second shot.

Q. Heading into tomorrow, there are a lot of players in contention. Feel like if you get out there and make some noise early, put some pressure on the leaders and just see what happens on moving day?
MARIAH STACKHOUSE: Yeah, for me, when I get out on the golf course it's not about putting pressure on anybody else. It's about playing as well as I can. And that way, coming down the stretch -- I mean, this is golf and you never know what's going to happen.

The better start you get, it's just easier golf on yourself. That's my only goal tomorrow: keep it going.

I hit 13 fairways today, 16 greens, so I want to go out there and do something similar tomorrow. Just can't -- shoot a big number from there and you're definitely going to make a lot of birdies when you're playing like that.

Q. What are you going to get up to tonight? You'll have a late tee time tomorrow.
MARIAH STACKHOUSE: Yeah, probably hang out. I'm staying with a couple players and we watched a Harry Potter movie last night. I don't know. We'll find a movie to watch tonight and just relax.

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