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June 22, 2018

Jordan Spieth

Cromwell, Connecticut

Q. Jordan, just one hiccup, but you rebounded strong from that. Just some comes on the round and day today?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I actually felt like I had better control of my golf swing than I did yesterday. I really struggled with my swing yesterday and I kind of got some good breaks. Didn't feel as good as it looked yesterday, and today it felt better than it looked.

It's just golf. It's kind of like yesterday I got three or four shots extra out of the round, and today I lost three or four based on how I felt.

So still feel like I actually made progress from yesterday to today where I wanted to, which was throughout the swing. It just kind of was a different feel, so it's not quite engrained yet, but it should be a really good weekend.

Q. Take us through the two par-5s?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, so what is it, 13? For whatever reason, it's a large fairway, but it's just always killed me. I hit one out of bounds last year. I hit one in the water last year. I don't know what it is about the hole, but that hole I get on the tee and for whatever reason I struggle.

I lined up a little right of where I wanted today to play the fade, and I didn't adjust my alignment, and I just kind of overcorrected. Again, I don't have great control of the golf ball, and I didn't yesterday either. I just kind of made it work, but it's gaining control. I just hit a bad shot at the wrong time there.

Then I had a lot of in-between numbers and didn't play the safe routes. Like my fourth shot there was kind of an in-between number, and I played a 4-iron instead of a hybrid. Then on 15, the same thing. It was a hybrid all day, and I went to a 3-wood to try and kind of get something back. So, unfortunately, I didn't stick with the game plan and it cost me two or three shots today just on game planning, just on stuff I could control before I hit it.

So that's the most frustrating part from today, not hitting one out of bounds and not whatever other bogeys I made, because those were execution errors. But the decision ones are what kind of hurt you.

The other par-5 I just hit beautiful drive, beautiful hybrid, and then the putt was pretty easy from there. Yeah, obviously got a pretty good bounce or break to get the perfect distance to make that stress-free. But I hit two shots exactly where I was looking.

Q. When you have such a bad hole early, does it change your game plan or do you try not to let it change your game plan?
JORDAN SPIETH: Honestly, I've been used to it. I've had a lot of bad holes early in my round for some reason. It shouldn't change the game plan at all. In fact, it should even more so -- it even more so should push what my plan was already, which was to let the golf course come and play center of greens. It was just execution error. So there's not a whole lot I can do about that except for go grind and figure it out.

But I knew yesterday. I don't go to the range after 63s very often, and I was there for an hour yesterday trying to figure out the golf swing. So it's not like things are on. Sometimes it can get disguised by rounds, but it's not far off. It really is close.

So I have what looks like an opportunity this weekend to only be maybe five or six back and potentially make noise.

Q. What was your yardage on 6?
JORDAN SPIETH: I had 275 to the hole, 253 or 255 to the front or something like that.

Q. (Inaudible)?
JORDAN SPIETH: I hit like a 21-degree hybrid, I was trying to land it either on or short of the green, and that's where it pitched. I hit a little fade in there, and it got the right bounce.

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