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June 22, 2018

Paul Casey

Cromwell, Connecticut

Q. I know you were complementary of the golf course and tournament yesterday, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's going to translate into good play, and you've been able to do that.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, thank you. I started off a bit rough as well. I found the golf course a bit difficult this morning. The greens were super fast. The pin positions are aggressive because they can be with such a receptive golf course and perfect surfaces and very little wind.

You know, PGA TOUR set it up really, really well. If anything, it's become more receptive as the day has gone on. We saw some scores this morning, including mine, some guys making bogeys. But I think guys are cracking to make birdies (inaudible) and happy I managed to throw some in on the last few holes.

Q. Yeah, the finish was great. Three in a row, and you almost landed the quad on 18.
PAUL CASEY: Would have been nice. It's just nice to sort of move myself and posture myself for the weekend. It looks like we might have some rain coming in as well on Saturday, which will dampen the golf course, it's not going to dampen this event because it's great. But that can throw a spanner in the works. You never know what's going to happen.

This isn't a course where draw is a big issue, but you never know. It can always be some luck when the weather's coming in.

Q. By the numbers it looks like everything is solid. Do you feel the same way? So is it more of the same for the weekend?
PAUL CASEY: More of the same. The ball striking, had the pulls going yesterday. Had the lefts going. And Peter Kostis is around somewhere texting me. But I've got to talk to you and do my drug test before I can go to the range. It's all good. We'll figure it out. But as they say, the ball striking is a little better today, little straighter, and hopefully it continues through the weekend.

Q. You were even through 14 and go 3-under through your last four. How big was it to finish like that?
PAUL CASEY: It felt really good because I felt like I haven't parred the -- what did I play, the par-5s in 1-over par for the day, which is not good. So I felt like I'd given up three shots already on the field. So to get 3 back on the last few holes felt really good. I felt like I got back to where I should have been and maybe snuck one more.

I thought the golf course was a little tricky today. The greens were so smooth and fast this morning. Some pins cut close to some edges which, if you get it right, it can be a very receptive golf course. You get the wrong side and bogeys are easy to be made.

We've seen some obviously guys making bogeys out there, not just including myself, but Spieth and those guys, I saw some bogeys.

Q. You were able to turn it around with 36 holes. Which part of your game has really stood out?
PAUL CASEY: Probably the dull bit, which is strategy. I play this golf course, and I feel like I execute it really well. It's a great strategy with Johnny and myself. I'm not the longest guy in the field, but as I said yesterday, it's a golf course which is receptive to all styles of game. I've made some good putts, cleaned up really well today. That's going to be key over the weekend.

If I string it all together and pick the ball striking up a little bit, there's no reason why there can't be two more low numbers.

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