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June 21, 2018

Nick Kyrgios

London, England

N. KYRGIOS/K. Edmund

7-6, 6-7, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Obviously your serving was ridiculous today, but was the best part about the game the way you were able to, even when he stood up to that and leveled the match, you were able to keep going and finish it off?
NICK KYRGIOS: Yeah. You know, I thought it was a pretty high-level match from both players. Obviously I served really, really well. I found my rhythm quite early.

But, I mean, to be honest, he got pretty much every break in the second set. Net tapes, lines, everything on big points. I thought I played well enough to get a break, you know, there. But on grass, you know, I thought he played well today, honestly. He served well. He returned well.

I got a lucky break in the third set. He made a couple loose errors, and that was pretty much all that was in it.

Q. How much of a threat can Kyle be on the surface at Wimbledon?
NICK KYRGIOS: Massive, I think. I think he's really god on grass. He serves well. You know, his backhand has improved really a lot. You know, he's got a good forehand. He returns well.

I think he can do well on the grass, for sure. I was pretty impressed with his grass court tennis today.

Q. How is the body holding up at this stage?
NICK KYRGIOS: Elbow is fine. That's the most important thing. Elbow is feeling good. You know, I'm just managing my hip at the moment.

Q. How much of a threat can you be at Wimbledon?

Q. You have just beaten two British players. Great reception. People enjoy watching. How much does that help you with support going forward to Wimbledon, as well? How much do you appreciate that? How much does that help you when you're out there? Could that be a factor also at Wimbledon?
NICK KYRGIOS: Yeah, for sure. I think it's obviously a good feeling when you hit a good shot and the crowd likes it. The crowd has been awesome here the last couple days. I haven't really played my best tennis here at all. I always get a pretty warm welcome. So, yeah, I feel good. I feel at home here.

Q. You said after beating Andy you thought only a handful of players can play on grass. Would you put Kyle in that group?
NICK KYRGIOS: Definitely.

Q. Do you see him as one of the contenders at Wimbledon?
NICK KYRGIOS: Yeah, I think -- look, he played really well today. I was really surprised. He handled that low balls well, volleyed well. You know, he returned well. He sliced well. He did pretty much -- his intangibles were good. Yeah, I would definitely put him in that category.

Q. How relaxed were you? You were looking very relaxed on court and seemed to be having a darn good time out there. How relaxed are you feeling?
NICK KYRGIOS: Yeah, I feel pretty good. I got a bit tight towards the end of the match, which is normal. I haven't played a lot of matches in the last couple of months. So, I mean, when I'm serving out a match -- you know, we have been playing for a couple hours and level has been pretty good. I got pretty tight.

Yeah, apart from that, I'm always pretty relaxed. 32 aces helps.

Q. There seemed to be quite a bit of interaction towards the end with your box. Was that just a sign of you feeling tight and a bit...
NICK KYRGIOS: Of course. Great observation by you.

Q. There was a point earlier in the match when you let out a swear word and then you apologized to the people at the side of the court, but then at the end -- well, is that something you'd like to keep more under control or does it not bother you?
NICK KYRGIOS: Do you swear?

Q. Well...
NICK KYRGIOS: No, do you swear? Yes or no? Yes or no? Do you swear? Do you swear?

Q. I have been known to.
NICK KYRGIOS: Okay, great. Good question.

Q. How do you feel the BBC had to apologize on air today about your language? How does that make you feel?
NICK KYRGIOS: Fine. I don't care.

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