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April 15, 2004

Heath Slocum


LAURY LIVSEY: We're here with Heath Slocum. A lot of you remember a couple of years ago was a second place finisher, one of your two best finishes. Missed the cut last year here, and now you're back in a good position.

HEATH SLOCUM: I played great today. Got off to a good start, hit a lot of fairways. The ones I missed I missed in the right spot, which is really key out here. Ten was a double. Besides that, I played really good golf.

Q. How good was a 68 today, considering weather and so forth? Is it a really good round?

HEATH SLOCUM: I was surprised a little surprised that it wasn't something a little lower. But it's tough out there. This course is very demanding, when you have to hit precise spots with small targets here, and any kind of wind and some cold, this golf course is really tough.

Q. What is making it difficult today, is it the wind generally?

HEATH SLOCUM: Well, the wind certainly, and it is a little chilly out this morning. We had it calm for almost the whole front nine, which definitely makes it a little easier. But it's just a tough golf course. I think the history of the tournament, you can look at the scores, it's not real low. With any kind of wind or weather conditions, it's definitely going to play difficult.

Q. When you won at was it Tucson earlier this year?


Q. Did you do I recall it right you said something about the finish here two years earlier helped prepare you for that?

HEATH SLOCUM: Well, I think every good round and every bad round in some way hopefully you take something out of it. Sure, I'll take something from wins on the Nationwide, from the second place finish here to how I'll finish here, to finish second, to Milwaukee, to every round I've played well or you try to take something from it. And even some of the bad rounds, you have to take something from it to to learn to keep your head up and keep trying. Certainly I'll learn something from two years ago from here that did help me at Tucson.

Q. Did you learn something from last year as well?

HEATH SLOCUM: You know, I did. I'm sure I did. Still it's sometimes the same lesson over and over, you just have to be patient. And I think this is a golf course you definitely need to be patient with. Because you can hit it down the middle of the fairway and still have to hit a big hook or a slice into a pin, and if you don't pull that shot off, you have to be patient and try to get it up and down and go to the next and try to hit another good shot. I think this course is just a great golf course, that it tests every part of your game, mental, physical, and you have to hit shots out here.

Q. Are you surprised overall that scores aren't lower?

HEATH SLOCUM: A little bit. But it was pretty difficult. I wouldn't be surprised if someone maybe shot four or five today. But I don't think anybody is going to go out and tear it up. But I could be wrong there, too.

Q. I think traditionally you see Thursday morning scores here more than other places are probably the lowest of the week. You got an early time on Thursday. Did you think you might have a chance to get out there?

HEATH SLOCUM: I didn't specifically think that, but when I saw the weather forecast I said we might have got a good time here, we have a chance to get out, but we're not going to get all the wind, they're going to get it in the afternoon. I felt like I had a good opportunity if I shot a good round that I could maybe stay towards the top. And tomorrow hopefully the wind is not as bad all day. So this might end up getting a good break in getting a good wave.

Q. Are you a surfer? You used the wave reference a couple of times.

HEATH SLOCUM: No, just the morning the early leg tee time.

Q. Do you want to go over your card?

HEATH SLOCUM: Sure, if I can remember it. Parred 1.

2 putted 2 for birdie.

Parred 3.

Parred 4 actually, got up and down on 5, 4 for birdie.

Bogeyed 6.

Birdied 7. Hit a 7 iron 6 iron.

Birdied 9.

Doubled 10.

LAURY LIVSEY: Tell us what happened on 10.

HEATH SLOCUM: I hit it in the left water, took a drop, knocked it on the green from there and I 3 putted, kind of really hit one bad putt and had a bad read.

11, parred.

Parred 12.

13 I parred.

I birdied 14.

I birdied 16, made a low putt on 16.

16, made a long putt, it was probably 35, 40 feet. Really the only long putt I made. Everything else was 2 putter or just an up and down.

So I was very pleased with my round today.

Q. What did you do after 10 to kind of settle back down.

HEATH SLOCUM: Tried to hit that fairway. 11 was a good hole. It's kind of relentless back there. I just steadied the ship. I knew I was still swinging well. I made one bad swing and I just paid for it. So I just tried to stay with the game plan and just hit the fairway on 11.

Q. What club did you hit on 10?

HEATH SLOCUM: 6 iron, I probably could have got an 8 iron, maybe, if that. But I hit a toed pull in the water.

End of FastScripts.

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