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April 16, 2004

Heath Slocum


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Thank you for joining us for a few minutes today here in the media center. Another round in the 60s, great round, 67 for today. You're the first player we've had in this afternoon, might be the only player. Talk about the conditions when you started out around noon or 1:00 and then as it went along, just talk about that a little bit.

HEATH SLOCUM: Well, I was kind of expecting the forecast said five to ten mile per hour wind, but it seemed to bode pretty good from start to finish. It picked up with about 12 holes to go, especially when we got out to 16, 17 and 18 out there. The wind picked up and it just makes this course just really difficult.

Q. On No. 9 looks like about a ten foot putt, did you misread there?

HEATH SLOCUM: No, actually, I guess I misread it. I was trying to take an aggressive line and not hammer it in, put an aggressive break out, and it still broke quite a bit more than I expected.

Q. Does it put any additional pressure on you when you're waiting around for your round to start and see Ben go out and shoot his round and get out to 8, or does it matter?

HEATH SLOCUM: No, it doesn't. The course I'm trying to go out and play the golf course. I saw that he had it to 8, and I knew he played a good round. But before I teed off there's three more rounds. So there's a lot of time to catch up. I just try to go take care of myself. If I shoot 4 under, great, that's what I'm trying to get myself in contention for the weekend. But, no, no extra pressure.

Q. Was there any number you were looking at when you started the round as far as trying to get to?

HEATH SLOCUM: No, it was really just hole by hole, just trying to if I shot 1 under, fine, if I shot 12 under. There was no number, I was just trying to go and play each hole the best I could.

Q. What is it specifically about this course that seems to suit your game?

HEATH SLOCUM: It's not really long, but it's fairly tight. You have to drive the ball well. In the past I've driven it pretty straight. And other than that I think it just looks good to my eye, every hole seems to fit. I've got a good target. I seem to putt these greens pretty well. Overall it's just a great fit for my eye and for my game.

Q. With a victory earlier this year, is it going to help you or make you more relaxed going into the weekend knowing that you've been there before and able to come through in the end?

HEATH SLOCUM: Maybe a little bit. But I'm still a couple of days to go, and I'm going to go out like I did today and just try to play the golf course and not worry what anyone else is doing. You can draw on those experiences from Tucson to last year or two years ago when I played well here, just go out and really just try to focus on my game. I generally play a lot better when I do that.

Q. You mentioned on TV that you were a little surprised that the scores aren't even lower than they are. Why are you surprised about that and do you come here expecting to see people put up 64s and 63s and get the number out there?

HEATH SLOCUM: I don't know if I expect it, but I definitely don't rule it out. There seems everywhere we go every week, no matter what the conditions, there's usually always someone that shoots really low scores. With I guess the last two days with the wind that's been around, it makes the this course difficult to shoot really low scores. I think the last two days have proved it. I wouldn't be surprised if the next couple of days somebody does go out and shoot some really good scores. And that's what I'm going to try to do. It definitely wouldn't surprise me at all.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Let's go over your birdies and bogeys. You started on ten.

HEATH SLOCUM: Started on 10. I hit a driver, 4 iron to six feet, made birdie.

15, driver, laid up with a 6 iron, hit a pitching wedge to about five feet, made that.

I bogeyed 17, 6 iron into the right bunker, chipped it out to ten feet and missed it.

No. 1, I hit driver, 9 iron to about 20, 25 feet and made that.

2, I hit a driver I can't even remember 3 wood, just short, chipped it up, four feet and made it.

And 5, driver there 2 iron to about six feet for eagle and I actually missed that and just tapped in for birdie.

End of FastScripts.

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