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April 17, 2004

Heath Slocum


LAURY LIVSEY: We have Heath Slocum here in the media center, he's in second place right now. You were in here earlier. You got a chance to become the second two time winner on the Tour this year. You won Tucson earlier and now you're in the position to maybe make it two. Talk about your round today and talk about that a little bit.

HEATH SLOCUM: Well, I just put myself in good position. I'd like to be a little closer. I kind of bogeyed the last. Other than that, I feel good for where I'm at. I didn't play superb today. I hit it a little wayward at times. For the most part I hung in there and ground it out and made a few putts and kind of just kept myself around the lead going into Sunday, just kind of where I wanted to be.

LAURY LIVSEY: You have a little familiarity with Ted, you were his roommate in a tournament?

HEATH SLOCUM: Ted and I, right after college we played in the U.S. japan team together. And we were actually roommates on that trip. So we've played together a little bit. So we're going to have some fun tomorrow.

Q. Of the four guys up on the leaderboard, you're the only one with a win. How is that going to help you tomorrow?

HEATH SLOCUM: I wouldn't say it's going to help me versus those guys or anything. I think what it does for me is give me some confidence to know that I can win and that I can stay in the moment, kind of go out and play the golf course and not worry about what other people are doing, and just try to play my game.

Q. Two years ago you ran for Justin Leonard and he was struggling and you put a lot of pressure on him, but then he gathered himself. What do you learn from that?

HEATH SLOCUM: Pretty much the same thing, like what I did there is I really just kind of stayed within myself, played my own game. I just really didn't worry about anything else except playing the golf course, just really played one shot at a time. And I did it very well, which in turn helped me play well. Really just made one bad swing that day and it cost me. If I get in that position again, I'll still commit to a target and just pull the trigger like I did that time. I just seem to be a little bit more polished the last couple of years. I've handled myself on the course a little better. I've been more patient, which I think is a big key on this golf course and I think to winning tournaments.

Q. Have you been paired with Ted as a professional?

HEATH SLOCUM: No, I haven't. We haven't played since I guess it was '96.

Q. And that was in Japan?


LAURY LIVSEY: Was that in Japan?


Q. Your drive on 18 oftentimes you've been in tight fairways and all of a sudden it's wide open, was there a concentration problem there?

HEATH SLOCUM: Same small target, just not a very good swing. Yeah, I'd like to have definitely hit a good one there and get it closer. I hit a good 6 iron from there, just a fraction right of where I wanted it. I just kind of just thinned that chip enough to make it shoot on me. Other than that, yeah, it is funny how that really wide fairway I guess it I'm kind of glad it was wide.

Q. What was your distance into the green?

HEATH SLOCUM: I think I had like 185. I think we wanted to carry it 180 no, 191 to carry the bunker, and that was all I was worried about. Two something to the flag. I was concerned just getting it over that bunker.

Q. Have you had enough of this second place stuff for this week, three days in a row now second place?

HEATH SLOCUM: Yeah. I mean, obviously it kind of only matters tomorrow. So I'd like to be on top tomorrow. So second the first three days isn't so bad, as long as I come out on top tomorrow.

End of FastScripts.

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