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May 28, 2005

Heath Slocum


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Thank you, Heath, for joining us for a few minutes here in the media center at the FedEx St. Jude Classic. Another strong round today, 67. Three rounds in the 60s this week.

Looking at what Justin is doing, you have got your work cut out for you tomorrow.

HEATH SLOCUM: It is incredible what he has done and what he has done all week.

Q. He hasn't had the best luck of anybody. Could he even see this far ahead?

HEATH SLOCUM: I guess not. It is pretty impressive what he has done with the fairways as firm as they are, the greens as firm as they are. The greens are perfect to putt on. It is hard to get it close. I feel like I have putted pretty well this week. I think we have got a mountain in front of us to climb tomorrow.

Q. With what he has played these three days, does that give you any hope that he might slip up and provide an opening for tomorrow?

HEATH SLOCUM: It is hard to expect anything less than him playing a good solid round. All I can do tomorrow is go out and play the golf course the only way I can play it. I am not going to change strategy or anything. Hopefully I will hit it well enough tomorrow to give myself some chances.

Today I putted really, really well for the first time all year. I feel good on the greens. It is just a matter of getting there.

Q. Can you really conceive his not winning the tournament?

HEATH SLOCUM: It is tough. I don't know what he has, an 8 shot lead. It is tough to say, unless myself or someone else goes outside on shooting 10 under. It is tough and the golf course is capable of it. I think he shot eight the first day. So, you never know, you really don't.

Q. Was the last time you were in this position at Tucson last year?

HEATH SLOCUM: I think actually it would have been Hilton Head last year in 2004.

Q. As you have kind of struggled this year, even if you can't overtake him, is it a successful week?

HEATH SLOCUM: For me? Yes.

It hasn't been a good year so far. I have struggled a little bit this year. I have been working on some things in the last month. Just to see them paying off actually this quick is kind of a bright spot. I am very pleased whatever happens tomorrow. I am gradually getting better and better, quicker than I anticipated.

Q. Is it anything specifically you are working on?

HEATH SLOCUM: My set up has been bad. Got in some bad habits, caused my swing to do some funny things. Just the last month I got started correcting things. I wasn't expecting to see results as quick as I have.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Can we go through your birdies and bogeys?

HEATH SLOCUM: No. 1, I hit a driver down the middle and I hit it 30 feet left of the hole. I made that. I hit 3 wood, pitching wedge, pitching wedge off the front of the green probably 15 feet, made that. I bogeyed 4, blocked a 7 iron and didn't get that up and down. 6, driver, I hit 6 iron there today. And I made another good putt there, I think it was 20 feet. 7, that was probably a 6 iron. I hit 6 iron on 7. It was probably 18 feet as well. On 8 I hit it in the front bunker, left it in the bunker, made a good up and down for bogey, made a good save there. I hit a pitching wedge in 11, made a 12 footer for birdie. Three putted 12. Hit 3 wood, 9 iron to the back of the green, the worst putt I hit all day. It was six feet and I missed it. 16, driver, left rough, 2 iron just short of green. I chipped it by. Didn't hit a good chip but made a 15 footer coming back.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Thank you, Heath.

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