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June 3, 2018

Kyle Stanley

Dublin, Ohio

Q. Talk about that incredible birdie run toward the finish there.
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, hadn't really made too many birdies leading up to that stretch, and after the double on 12, my chances were looking pretty slim. Just tried to hang in there really and give myself a few looks coming down the stretch. I was able to make some. Bit of a sour way to finish the tournament, but all in all proud of the way I hung in there today.

Q. How about going for the putt on 17, you hit a rare display of emotion. How tough was that putt?
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, I mean it was -- I used the greens book on that one. A bit of a guessing game on that. I just tried to get it to the point on the slope where it was a straight line down to the hole and fortunately my speed was pretty good. But yeah, that was maybe one in 10 putt.

Q. Did you know your drive hit the tree on 18 your first time?
KYLE STANLEY: After I walked up there, yeah. I saw it coming down and it looked on line with the tree, but I didn't know that it hit the tree and that.

Q. Talk about the lies you got in, on 18 and then in the playoff.
KYLE STANLEY: They were pretty terrible, really.

Q. You had to wedge out in regulation?
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, I had to wedge out in regulation. For whatever reason every time I'm in the rough this week, we were pitching out, so it was a little frustrating. But the drive really wasn't that bad of a shot, so a bad break for it to end up where it did. And then in the playoff if that ball ends up -- poor tee shot, but if it ends up a couple of feet right of where it did, there's not much rough over there, and I would have had a decent angle. So bit of a bad break there. But that's golf. It happens and you just move on.

Q. Were you trying to somehow run that up the fairway toward the green in the playoff on the second?
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, I mean, to be honest, it might have been even more difficult to try to just pitch it out, leave myself a wedge. So I figured if I could take a long iron or something and maybe choke up on it and -- if I try to go out sideways, I'm standing even more on the side hill. So I tried to take something a little bit longer. And the lie wasn't terrible, it was just the stance. So I tried to take a 7-iron and just choke down on it and maybe run something out and it just didn't work out.

Q. Walking off 17 did you think I'm going to win this?
KYLE STANLEY: I had a good feeling. Really just trying to stay in the moment, to be honest. If you give yourself a chance with one hole left, that's a pretty good tournament in my mind. So yeah.

Q. What did Jack say to you?
KYLE STANLEY: He just told me I had a good tournament and, yeah, just congratulated me on a good event.

Q. You rattled it around the pin on the chip on 18. Did you think that was going to drop?
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, it was close. Just tried to give it a chance. Not the easiest pitch in the world, but, yeah, I hit a good one and it looked like it was fairly close there.

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