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June 3, 2018

Kyle Stanley

Dublin, Ohio

Q. I feel for you man. You played great down the stretch there, just caught a horrible break on 18 in regulation, but still gave it your all.
KYLE STANLEY: A couple bad breaks on 18. I mean in the playoff if I knock that ball two three feet right of where it was I would have had a shot. The rough wasn't too thick over there. But after hole 12 my chances were looking pretty slim, so to come back and make some birdies coming in, it's a bit of a sour finish, but proud of the way I hung in there.

Q. Just looking at your scorecard you can see the roller coaster that you were on. How do you describe your performance today.
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, it was up-and-down. I mean after 12 my chances were looking pretty slim, but happy with the way I hung in there, pretty of a sour way to end the tournament, but all in all I feel like I did a lot of good things this week and we'll take the positives from it.

Q. Not going to get the win, but you were five shots behind the leader with five holes to play, what did you find on those closing holes to get your self in position to win?
KYLE STANLEY: Just tried to hang in there, really. After the double on 12 I knew my chances were pretty slim and after at the end Bryson had the hiccup on 14 and I made birdie and then birdied the next and then birdied the next two after that, the hole kind of opened up for me, but bit of an up-and-down round, but all in all I feel like I did a lot of good things this week and we'll take the positives from them.

Q. And what are those positives?
KYLE STANLEY: I'm playing well, made a few adjustments on greens coming into this week and that seemed to help a little bit. Then for the most part my ball striking was good, it's been good for awhile, so not a whole lot of thought there, but continue doing what we're doing putting wise and just got to keep working.

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