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June 2, 2018

Kyle Stanley

Dublin, Ohio

Q. Some comments on the day. 2-under 70, a shot off the lead. How do you feel after that front nine start? It must have been pretty satisfying to get it back under par and finish the day.
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, I felt from probably 7 on I played pretty well. Just couldn't really get anything going to start the round. Other than that, pretty happy with how I recovered and I'll take 2-under today.

Q. What's the mentality like tomorrow, early start, threesomes, but obviously you're going to be there in that anchor group with a shot to win.
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, I mean probably the same. I don't think that -- you know, it's a little bit earlier, but same mindset. I think last time I was in the final group here it was threesomes as well, so, yeah, same mindset. Looking forward to tomorrow. It will be fun to be in the final pairing.

Q. Joaquin is 19, playing with him, what kind of stood out about him either as a player or composure or whatever under this kind of pressure situation.
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, he was really good for 19 years old. Obviously doesn't play like a 19 year old. I didn't really think any, his game really didn't have really any weaknesses. I thought it was pretty solid across the board. Good driver of the golf ball, good iron player, and was pretty good around the greens as well.

Q. Are you surprised at his composure? I mean this is a 19-year-old kid who, this is a lot when you're playing with the world's best, to be able to maintain his composure and to be in the position he's in going into the final round?
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, I thought he did a really nice job today. Nothing really seemed to rattle him, really. I thought he played pretty well.

Q. He reminds you of a young Kyle Stanley, right?
KYLE STANLEY: No, I wasn't that good at 19. But, yeah, I was pretty impressed.

Q. I know any PGA win is a big deal, but the fact that you could win something as prestigious as this and you're only 18 holes away.
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, well being Mr. Nicklaus's event, it would be pretty special. This event, it has a little bit of a different feel. I mean, the field is really good. So I would say it maybe has a different, maybe a little bit of a higher feel than some of the other events we play, but yeah, looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. Anything you can pull from your win last year at Quicken Loans? Any feelings, any thoughts going into the final round?
KYLE STANLEY: Well, I mean just knowing that I've been there before. I think the scenario is going to be a little bit different. To begin the day there I wasn't necessarily thinking about winning the golf tournament and just the setup of that golf course, I just kind of played my game and then on the back nine we ended up having a chance to win. So I mean, yeah, maybe a little bit just knowing that we have been there before and I've played well.

Q. There's a lot of guys, obviously, who aren't even on the board who still have a chance. So it's kind of a free for all tomorrow in some ways.
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, for sure. I mean, if you look at some of the scores today before we teed off, I mean guys were getting off to some pretty hot starts. I think now there are going to be guys behind you that are going to kind of free wheel it and are going to play well, so the mindset's got to be that you got to continue to kind of play your game. And to win this golf tournament tomorrow, one of us is going to have to put up a pretty good number.

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