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June 1, 2018

Kyle Stanley

Dublin, Ohio

Q. What do you remember from 2013 when you were in contention here? Did you learn anything maybe that weekend that might help you?
KYLE STANLEY: I think I finished third that year. I wouldn't necessarily say I learned anything from that round. I just, I really enjoy playing this golf course, it's one of my favorites that we play on TOUR, it just really sets up good to my eye. Driving the ball, I would say it's a strength of my game and I feel like a course like this kind of caters to a guy that's hitting a lot of fairways. The rough's really thick and pretty high and every time I've been in it this week, three or four times we pretty much just had to pitch out. So I think the key is just hit a lot of fairways and try to hit your second shots out of the fairway.

Q. Can you talk about your season so far. You've been close a couple times. Obviously played well at the Match Play, but has there been a level of frustration that maybe you van taken that next step this season?
KYLE STANLEY: Maybe a little bit. I feel like the past couple years really my ball striking for the most part has been really good. That's probably reflected in my stats a little bit. On the greens I've been a little streaky, so we made a few adjustments coming into this week, just mostly kind of how I'm reading the greens. I'm getting away from using, I haven't looked at a greens book this week, which is something I've been doing pretty much on every putt this whole year. But, yeah, we're just going to continue to work on my putting and maybe change a few things up and overall I feel like it's been okay, fairly consistent, but there's always room to improve.

Q. When you're standing on the tee and looking at fairways this generous, I mean is that confidence builder or do you have to fight against losing focus? Some guys have said they're almost so wide that you kind of get a little, lazy is the wrong word, but do you know what I mean?
KYLE STANLEY: No, I guess maybe a little bit. On 6 today, 6 and 7, those are both, it's really hard to miss those fairways and I missed them. But other than that, the holes kind of, they are wide, but I tend to, the holes just set up good to my eye even I just pick my target and go.

Q. Tiger was talking how much he likes playing Nicklaus-designed golf courses. Can you say the same thing when you sit back --
KYLE STANLEY: I don't even know who designed most of the courses. I'm not really good at keeping up with who designs what. But I do really like this golf course. So I guess I would say so.

Q. When you're in the lead or sharing the lead after 36, what's the mindset going into Saturday for you?
KYLE STANLEY: Well more of the same. I mean, what I'm doing right now is working, so really not changing a whole lot, just kind of keep doing what I've been doing on the greens, it's been working, I've been putting okay, and like I said, my swing feels good so there's really no thought there, which is nice. So yeah, just more of the same.

Q. How many times have you played here, this tournament?
KYLE STANLEY: Oh, gosh, probably six.

Q. So you're not, you're kind of a veteran now at this point. Because it almost seems like there's a theme going on that guys that haven't played here yet are sitting up top of the leaderboard.
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, you know, I played here a number of times and certainly enough to be comfortable with the layout.

Q. Have you played with the 19-year-old before?
KYLE STANLEY: No, I think I'm playing with him tomorrow, so I know he's had a four or five starts maybe, a couple of those have been top-10s, so looking forward to playing with him. He's obviously a pretty good player, so yeah we'll have a good time out there.

Q. What were you doing at 19?
KYLE STANLEY: Class. I think I was still in college. Yeah, I wasn't as good as he is at 19, that's for sure.

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