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May 31, 2018

Bubba Watson

Dublin, Ohio

BUBBA WATSON: I thought I played well. I executed. I executed on number 11, 3-putted, the green is usually faster than that. The greens are a lot slower right now than normal. But I had to go with my instincts, so I thought it was going to be fast. The second putt I thought was going to be fast as well. So I 3-putted there. New wedges in the bag this week, so when the next -- what is that 12, 13? So, I'm used to a certain number of -- being fresh grooves, brand new grooves, I spun it so hard, so I spun it back in the bunker, made a bogie there. And then hitting a great chip shot on what hole is that? 15? Not making birdie there. So there was a couple birdies and the execution was great on all the shots, but just didn't score. So those three shots, let's say two of the three, 69 would be pretty good right now.

Q. Dustin talked about the wind being tough out there. Did you find the same thing?
BUBBA WATSON: For sure. We all did. My whole group did. It was a guessing game. You had wind swirling. It felt like it was swirling. You thought it was down wind but it wasn't. And so there was a few shots where you had to just kind of play a lot safer than you really wanted to just because of those conditions. And so today, for me, it just worked out where I hit the right numbers and the right height so I can get it on the green and somehow make pars.

Q. Did the fresh grooves and a little bit of soft greens, was that a bad combo there at times?
BUBBA WATSON: Just on that one hole. I was expecting the ball downwind like that. I was expecting the ball to go a little further. So, yeah, it was just a combination of thinking I was going to be able to do something, I wasn't man enough to do it. And then it spun off the green. Normally like that, if I mis-club like that, it would just stay on the green. And with the fresh grooves, they just, it just spun all the way back into the bunker. These bunkers are really firm, really compacted, and so I knew that once it got in these bunkers you're hoping for par, but it's really tough.

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