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May 19, 2018

Anett Kontaveit

Rome, Italy

E. SVITOLINA/A. Kontaveit

6-4, 6-3


Q. Obviously didn't go the way you wanted. But since yesterday you said you went into the match without any expectation, you might be pretty confident with the whole tournament anyway?
ANETT KONTAVEIT: Yeah. It was definitely a really good week for me. She was really tough today and played really great. So, I mean, I'm only taking the positives from this week.

Q. It seemed at a certain point you started adding things to your game play. You realized what you could have hurt her with. But at a certain point, you sort of, you finished the play before her and she kept adding things. Do you agree with that?
ANETT KONTAVEIT: I didn't do that consciously. She was -- she had an answer to everything I gave her, I felt like. So it made me, you know, maybe try and do too much or do things I didn't want to do.

Q. Like after she get started, you tried to keep points shorter, to get into the court before her. And was it something you planned before or you realized, okay, I have to do this? Like, you adapted or part of the game plan?
ANETT KONTAVEIT: I think that was adapting, yeah.

She was very strong in the rallies. And I usually try and not keep the points too short, as well. So, I mean, she was just very, very strong today.

Q. Adapting is, obviously, a very important part of playing on clay. So you must be happy with the way you adapted. Thinking ahead to the French Open?
ANETT KONTAVEIT: Yeah, definitely. It was a very good week to get ready for the French Open. I get to go home and rest for a few days and be fresh for the French Open.

So, I mean, it was definitely a very good week for me. I mean, first time in the semifinals and, yeah, I'm definitely happy with that.

Q. You are going home for a few days. Then what's your plan for Paris, the next ten days or so?
ANETT KONTAVEIT: Yeah. I'll go to Paris three, four days before the tournament and start getting ready there, getting used to the conditions and everything.

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