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May 18, 2018

Anett Kontaveit

Rome, Italy

A. KONTAVEIT/C. Wozniacki

6-3, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. We all knew you had chances, but does the result go beyond your expectation before the match?
ANETT KONTAVEIT: I wasn't expecting much before I went on court.

I knew she was a fighter. I knew it was never over until we shook hands. And I just -- I was thinking taking it really point by point. And I wasn't going on court with really any expectations.

Q. When you're sitting down with Glenn to come up with the tactics for today's match, what did you think you would be able to do today that would kind of put her off and get you a result like this, just from a technical perspective?
ANETT KONTAVEIT: I was trying to, you know, get her out of the court a little more. And she's obviously very fast. And I think my main goal was to be patient and still stay aggressive at the same time.

Q. You said you didn't consider the results before. Not necessarily what you might have hoped for. Now that you are back on clay, how much happier are you? Enjoying the last couple of weeks, good results on the tournament of champions, I think.

Q. So, what was it like for you today?
ANETT KONTAVEIT: I really enjoy winning (laughing).

Yeah, the last couple weeks have been really good for me. Yeah, I have turned around for myself a little bit. And I've been playing some good tennis and getting some great victories. And, yeah, I'm really happy with the way I'm playing right now.

Q. Was there any specific point in the match you felt like things are -- chips are falling to your side?
ANETT KONTAVEIT: I think it was just win by win, like slowly my confidence was coming back to me and increasing a little.

And I can't tell you like this key match where everything changed. But I think it was just a little better, everything was getting a little better and more confident.

Q. On the clay, do you think that the surface actually maybe forces you to be more patient and that kind of maybe lack of patience sometimes on a hard court doesn't pay off? Maybe the surface actually forces you to play a way where it's successful for you?
ANETT KONTAVEIT: Well, that's tough to say.

I have had good results on other surfaces, as well. So, um, I don't know.

I mean, yeah, of course, on clay the points are longer. Either you want it or not. And maybe does, does push you to be a little more patient.

But, yeah, it's tough. Tough to answer.

I mean, I think it's more coming from myself.

Q. And then just in terms of making the semifinals in Rome, what does a result like this -- obviously not over -- but what does a result like this mean for you right now?
ANETT KONTAVEIT: It's definitely great to beat the world No. 2 and to be in semifinals for the first time. I'm definitely really happy and, yeah, very satisfied with the win I got today.

Q. Last year you were here and had to go through qualies and made quarters. You were in the main draw and made one step further. When you came back here, were you a little different person? Or were you just, Oh, there's a lot of things that happen year to year? Or just like one more year, that's all?
ANETT KONTAVEIT: I mean, a lot of things have happened. I've learned so much. I do feel like I've developed a lot during the year. And I do feel a little more calm on court, a little more confident on court. And, yeah.

Q. Speaking just of the tournament, is there anything that suits you here maybe tennis-wise or something that goes around tennis especially?
ANETT KONTAVEIT: The city is really amazing. I mean, the environment here at the courts, as well, is really good.

I enjoy this place a lot. I feel really well here.

That could be one thing.

Q. You've got Elina Svitolina coming up in the semifinals. Not an easy opponent. Defending champion. Might challenge you in the sense you'll have to play a lot of balls, have to be relentlessly aggressive. How do you see that matchup?
ANETT KONTAVEIT: Well, I've never played her before. I think I'm going to go into this match the same as today. I mean, I'm not expecting anything. I mean, just I get to play another match before the French Open, which is a huge bonus for me.

And I have nothing to lose, you know. I didn't win this tournament last year, and I'm not defending any more points. So, I mean, I'm just really going to enjoy it out there. And I really like the center court. And I think there's so much to get. And I'm really looking forward to it.

Q. Going to Paris with a new career high ranking. So, do you feel like you could be a bit of a dark horse pick to make a run? Because you've been one of the most consistent performers over the past couple of weeks here on clay.
ANETT KONTAVEIT: Yeah. I'll be seeded.

I mean, it's the Grand Slam, you know. It's something to look forward to.

Also, I'm not really putting any expectations on myself. I mean, I'm really enjoying the way I'm playing right now, and I'm feeling really well on court. So I don't want to ruin that right now by putting some sort of huge expectations on myself, (laughing).

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