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May 18, 2018

Jordan Spieth

Irving, Texas

Q. Did you feel like on the back-9 when you got it going there for awhile kind of like you played here so much, got a good roll going on the back-9, is that what you felt like?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah. Started playing good golf. Used a little course knowledge to my advantage on a couple holes. Kind of hit a couple really nice shots in there closer.

Yeah, I was putting myself in positions that I should put myself in and started rolling -- I putted a lot better today as far as the way it looked and it was really frustrating to -- kind of laziness to miss a tap-in and on the last hole, just to not wait until I felt comfortable with kind of the breeze off my back, I just pulled it and so obviously really frustrated, missed two putts, one inside a foot, one inside of three feet with all the progress I made in my putting.

Good things going forward. I just feel like I played so much better than I scored. That's kind of the frustrating thing when you don't make any ground up on the leader.

Q. What do you mean by laziness on the short one you missed?
JORDAN SPIETH: Most times you walk up to tap it. These greens are not quite fully filled in. You know, you just have to take your time. It shows you -- like a lot of people want to speed up play but lose a shot sometimes, just try and walk up and assume it's in.

Q. Is there any part of you that's depressed with the others ahead of you, staying within even yourself pretty well?
JORDAN SPIETH: Lot of the round I was sitting there going, "Man, I'm hitting shots where I want to and hitting putts where I want to, not going in. I got to do something to make the putt."

Once it started getting going there I knew I had a lot of holes that I could feed the ball in and when you get to 5 and I made the one on 5 I thought this is a good opportunity to try and birdie in and it was.

I hit a great putt on 18, the wind picked up. If the wind was down like it was 30 seconds earlier the first one goes in. I just kind of let it get to me a little bit on that wind. We got a weekend full of heavier winds coming and it's going to be hard to play protected golf. Might be a little easier to come from behind a little bit.

But I'm 8 back, 8 is a lot of shots. Six is a little different with two rounds to go. But I'll go out and play the golf course the way it needs to be played. I'm not going to force anything, I'm going to try and be in the fairways as often as I can.

Q. Given this course layout, how important is it to score a birdie on that 1st Hole, maybe 1st and 2nd as well?
JORDAN SPIETH: 2 is actually a really difficult hole but the 1st Hole, sure, it's like a long par 4 for us. If you don't make 5, you know, you kind of lost a stroke to start and you got three reachable par-5s and you really are kind of on the tee expecting to walk off with a 4, obviously knowing you're probably not going to make 4 on all three of them every single day.

So, No. 1, it's a tricky little second shot. With all the times I played the golf course I probably hit the green in two only a quarter of the time. It's difficult to hold the ball on the green but, still, if you play the positions right, you should have a good one.

Q. What was your thought process pitching it on 7?
JORDAN SPIETH: I didn't -- for hopefully 3-putts and 4-putts I've had this week I just wanted a wedge in my hand. From that angle, it was going to be nearly impossible, I would have to ride the top right side of the green, have perfect speed to come off that ridge, then ride the next ridge and perfect speed to come off that ridge and straight into the breeze, 40 yards away, I can just -- I can fly it most of the way there, just check it.

It was a no-brainer for me when I took first glance at it. I was -- as the second shot was coming down, I was hoping it would either climb over that or stay way short of it in the fairway. It was in the worse spot it could be on the green. I hit a great shot, great up and down to salvage birdie.

Q. Jordan, did you feel like somebody -- 15-under now for Leishman, do you figure someone go low, just a matter of who it was?
JORDAN SPIETH: I thought given the conditions that we had yesterday and the morning today, that I would -- if you asked me I would have said 14-under would have been leading if I knew exactly what it was going to be, exactly what the conditions are.

So it's not far off. The weekend, you know, if the wind really does pick up, which I really hope it does and the course can show some teeth, you know, you're looking at a potential winning score at 20-under now even though it took 15 for the first two. Just dicey.

On the greens it's tough putting in the wind let alone controlling the ball off the tee to get in the right position. So, I'm hoping and expecting the scores to remain under 20-under par. If the wind blows and that's the case, I've got an opportunity to get back in the golf tournament.

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