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May 11, 2018

Jordan Spieth

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. Jordan, 75 yesterday, 68 today, what was the big turn around for you day two?
JORDAN SPIETH: I just got off making two birdies to start the round and just started believing a little bit. I've been just trying to get comfortable with the putter. It's been -- I'm on the right path now and it's still going to take some time so it's going to be a little grind for a few weeks. This place in particular does not fit my eye. Today was a really, really solid round. So that was a tall task in the afternoon to come out on this firm golf course and need to shoot 4-, 5-under par and to be able to do it was really nice.

Q. You talked about when you first came here, Top-5, then you missed three cuts, you talked about it in your press conference this week, I mean this place is just a head scratcher to try to figure out.
JORDAN SPIETH: I just have to shake it off, especially the first round. I got off to poor starts here before, just trying to force a 5-, 6-under when it kind of plays a little bit like Augusta with smaller greens, where you kind of play to your spots and work in from there, instead of trying to take down the golf course. Today I did a better job of that. The first couple holes were really nice, the first six I really just played to the right spots, got a couple good numbers and waited for the birdies to come to me.

Q. How much of a grind was it out there today? It took a good effort for you to make that cut.
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, it was a tall task ahead after yesterday. I just have tried to force first rounds in the past and I did the same yesterday and it got me in trouble. But I'm driving the ball beautifully, I was putting myself in positions yesterday that I thought, if I just do the same today and make a couple putts, then I can shoot 4-under, 5-under, no problem and that's kind of how the day went. I had two bad 3-putts trying to be too aggressive on the first ones on the back nine, but other than that it was relatively flawless.

Q. What was the mindset out there? All three of you guys were fighting to get inside that cut line.
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, it changed a lot. It was kind of a back and forth, two shot swings here or there. JT made a big birdie on 17 to give himself a little bit of breathing room and obviously Rory -- anything could have happened to any of us there. I was fortunate to be kind of cruising at about 2-under for a lot of the round, after the birdie on 10 and 11, those were huge. But, yeah, it was kind of interesting, we would all like to be grinding around the lead but sometimes that's not the case and you got to get around the cut line.

Q. You were at 4-under today, Webb at one point was 11-under. Was that out there and what are your thoughts on that?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I got to 5-under through 11 and thought if I played solid golf I could get it to 7-under, which would be -- and then I look at the board and I'm like, that could be low round of the day is what I was thinking off of yesterday's scores -- I look at the board and it was just amazing. We were talking about it throughout the round, all three of us. We were like, man, I hope he shoots 59. We were hoping for it. And at the same time we're saying, if he shoots 59, can you imagine how hard the setup's going to be tomorrow. I heard he kind of got lucky and unlucky on 17, to draw back, but what an amazing round it was. 15-under through a two rounds, any two rounds out of four that you can get to 15-under adding together is incredible, let alone the first 36.

Q. You mentioned it, this course, they're going to have to set it up so difficult tomorrow. What are your expectations, maybe expand on that a little bit?
JORDAN SPIETH: I'll be going out early so I don't think I'll get the teeth of the golf course. It's a good opportunity to maybe shoot a 6-, 7-under round, play fearlessly, attack par-5s, try and shoot 6-, 7-under and then have a chance Sunday to back door a top-10 or even a Top-5 with a special weekend. So I'm just really happy -- when I woke up today it's, man, this is eerily similar to the last three years, and was able to -- I was pretty nervous the entire day, for whatever reason. It's normally not the case, even when grinding for the cut until maybe the last couple holes. But it felt like trying to win a tournament, even just to feel like I can beat this golf course. So it was nice to do so.

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