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April 26, 2018

Jordan Spieth

Ryan Palmer

Avondale, Louisiana

Q. Just was solid if not spectacular out there. Satisfied with the first round, Ryan?
RYAN PALMER: I think so. Didn't get much going on on our front side, the back nine. Yeah, talked about if we can get -- our goal was to get to 6 and we shot 4.

Jordan had a good back nine for sure. We definitely made the birdies opposite we needed to.

Q. You guys seemed to ham and egg it pretty good. Jordan, did you guys catch the worst of the weather? You guys went off just before 8:00; 90 minutes of pretty good rain.
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I think the first groups off had it the worst. We had two holes, two of the easier holes. You know, we were obviously in some pretty nasty weather in the warmup, but it is what it is. Sometimes it happens.

Honestly I think we'd both probably rather take it here than at a major. But we actually played those holes -- honestly should have been 2-under. We both missed short putts on No. 10.

It didn't really affect us. We were able to get out there, and Ryan really kept our team in it on that front nine. I made one bogey and all pars. That's not very good best ball.

And then we started to turn on the jets a little on the other side.

Q. You guys dressed like a Japanese wedding couple, all alike. Is this going to be uniforms throughout the entire week?
RYAN PALMER: We're going to puts it together somehow I think.

JORDAN SPIETH: Got to keep up with our caddies.

Q. Do we have any maroon, burnt orange, silver star in the wardrobe this week?

JORDAN SPIETH: No colors this week.

Q. (Recording gap.)
JORDAN SPIETH: I think it was solid. I think at the beginning of the day 6 would've been on the low end. Still being in contention, we certainly -- our goal would be to probably get a couple more.

We didn't make any putts outside of ten feet really, and we both kind of burned some edges. It was one of those days. I think we're pretty confident in the way we're playing right now, so alternate shot should be a good format for us.

Q. Your partner looked rock solid out there.
JORDAN SPIETH: Absolutely.

Q. Until the last swing. What happened there, Ryan?
RYAN PALMER: I told James if he put it on the green I was going to go right at it. I actually went at it. Just chunked it a little too much I guess.

You know, I was trying to see if I can sneak another one in there on that par-3 knowing he had a good 25-footer for birdie.

Just the way it goes in this format.

Q. Did the black just happen or was this planned?
JORDAN SPIETH: He told me he wears all black in morning rounds, so it happened. I'm not sure if we're able to keep it -- black is easy to match. Our colors will probably not quite be the same, but going to try and look similar out there. Going to try and look good so we feel good to play good.

Q. You're playing well; tomorrow should be lots of fun. No apologizes, just go out there and play as hard as you can, right?
RYAN PALMER: Yeah, no, exactly. We both feel good with what we're doing with our ball, and especially with the format. That was our format last year. I think we played well in the alternate shot. I think we got a good strategy going into it, so I look forward to a good day.

Q. 6-under, guys. Not the start you wanted, but how did you pick up speed on the back nine?
JORDAN SPIETH: This guy. I started showing up finally.

Q. Welcome.
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah. I don't really like the rain, so it took me a few holes to get over that. We both ham and egg it on the back. Made four birdies each; two on the same holes on the back nine, and that's what you want for a full round.

Alternate shot tomorrow was our better format last year compared to the field. So if we can get off to a good start tomorrow, certainly make up some ground.

Q. We had a lot of fun last year talking about how this team formed off of a bet from your caddies. The fact that you guys said on Sunday night last year, We're going to do this again. Ryan, what did you learn about your partnership a year ago that can really help you this year?
RYAN PALMER: I wanted to make sure he played with me to get me in this event, so that was a big thing.

No, we know each other's games so good. We're really close friends. Michael and James are close. We're all four good buddies. Wasn't a doubt in my mind I wanted to do it again. I think he was into it as well, so we agreed to do it. Felt like we had some makeup to do. We felt like we left a few out there last year to have a chance to win, so try and get that back this year.

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