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April 16, 2018

Jimmie Johnson

Bristol, Tennessee

THE MODERATOR: We are joined by our third‑place finisher, Jimmie Johnson, driver of the No. 48 Lowe's for Pros Chevrolet. Pretty strong run out there, I guess, yesterday and today. Why don't you take us through it briefly.
JIMMIE JOHNSON: Yeah, definitely a strong race car. We've been talking about our cars performing better and driving better and creating speed the last three weeks or so, but to finally back it up with a solid finish is exactly what we needed. And to see my teammates with positive comments about their cars the last few weeks and some good results yielding from all of that, we definitely have it rolling in the right direction.
And specifically on the 48, last weekend there was a lot of excitement with the speed in our car, but we just had some bad luck on track and on pit road and a variety of things that went on. And to really be so buttoned up on race calling, pit stops, what I did in the car, the whole thing, I really feel like we're rolling in the right direction now.

Q. Jimmie, you mentioned how once you get one of these under your belt, it feels like things start to carry up a little bit. How real is that, or is it just talk, or does it actually give you real confidence and momentum going forward?
JIMMIE JOHNSON: Yeah, I think most situations momentum does carry you up or down. If things seem to be going wrong, they continue for a while. Sometime it'll turn around, you just don't know when. And I think in most cases, you're right. I have experienced it in my career where we have had different dry spells, and we'll get the car going well, and I'll make a mistake, or the car going well and we have a bad pit stop, or just unlucky, and it takes a little while ‑‑ I can't explain why or how, but it takes a little while to get the momentum rolling in the right direction, and I think today was‑‑ the last two days was a big step in the right direction for us.

Q. Did you think the top was ever really going to come in, and why do you think the bottom held for so long?
JIMMIE JOHNSON: Yeah, I felt like the‑‑ probably about the 40‑ or 50‑lap mark, the top would start to come in, and the long green flag run we had, I guess, two runs from the end, it was working pretty good up there. I just think on the short run and as cold as it is, there's just enough grip to use the shortest way around to create lap time. Once the tires wore enough, then you'd move up. But if you put us in yesterday's temperatures, I think we would have been up higher a lot sooner.

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