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April 8, 2018

Tiger Woods

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Can you assess the week?
TIGER WOODS: I felt I hit it well enough off the tee to do some things, but I hit my irons awful for the week. I did not putt well today. I three‑putted 7 and three‑putted 18 there. I didn't put it together when I needed to for the entire week.

Q. Feel like this one could have been low?
TIGER WOODS: Yes, today would have been one of those low rounds. I certainly had the opportunity to do it. I was close to really, really getting it rolling.

Q. (No microphone.)
TIGER WOODS: They were better, but not what I have been swinging it. Still, I had so many opportunities to hit the ball close and I didn't do it. And this golf course just magnifies‑‑ like 18 today, I hit such a beautiful, high powering 7‑iron, a foot away from being back down the hill, instead I got this putt that you've got to hit sideways.

Q. What do you take away from this?
TIGER WOODS: My swing is slightly off. I was pleased with the way I was able to drive it, but I just could not convert with my irons. I struggled with obviously controlling the shape. Can't control the shape. Can't control the distance. And it was one of those weeks in that regard.

Q. Can you express the importance to you to just simply be here this week?
TIGER WOODS: Oh, I was referring to earlier that it's been a couple of years I've been coming here just to eat. And now to be able to play this golf course and to be able to tee it up and play in the Masters, this is one of the greatest walks in all of golf. And I had missed it for the last couple of years, I hadn't been able to play in it. So now I'm glad I'm competing in this tournament. And to face the challenges out there. I missed it. I really did. I missed playing out here. I missed competing against these guys. Such a great event. Best run event in all of our sport.

Q. How did playing this whole round set you up for the rest of the year?
TIGER WOODS: I think things are progressing. And it was a little bit disappointing I didn't hit my irons as well as I needed to for this particular week. You miss it just a touch here it gets magnified. And I just didn't do a good enough job this week in that regard. But overall I'm five or six tournaments into it, to be able to compete out here and to score like I did, it feels good.

Q. What are you going to do now?
TIGER WOODS: Take a little time off. Get back in the gym, start working on my body again. Get it in good shape. And get back at it again.

Q. (No microphone.)
TIGER WOODS: You know, generally after this tournament I put away the clubs for a while. I usually take three to four weeks off, throughout my entire career, and usually the clubs are put in the closet and I just kind of get away for a while. The run up to this event is pretty hard and pretty grueling. I pushed myself pretty hard to get ready. And I peaked at it four times over the course of my career and it's tiring.

Q. Being able to compete here, can you talk about that?
TIGER WOODS: It's disappointing that I didn't hit the ball well enough. But to be able to just be out here competing again, if you had said that last year at this particular time I would have said you're crazy. I had a hard time just sitting or walking. So now to be able to play and compete and hit the ball the way I did, that's quite a big change from last year.

Q. Any sense of how the holes are playing?
TIGER WOODS: They set the golf course up for a few runs with a couple of dangerous pins out there. There's also some feeders. And especially on that back nine. You hit the ball close to virtually every pin except for 12, but they put them on the upper right tee to make it a little more enticing, a little shorter.
I think it has the right set up for this back nine to be exciting. You can hear the roars back up there and throughout the golf course. And I'm sure you're going to hear a lot of noise on this back nine today.

Q. How do you feel about finally getting an eagle?
TIGER WOODS: That will be going on to the mantle at home. And so that was two good shots and I finally made a putt.

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