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April 8, 2018

Paul Casey

Augusta, Georgia

PAUL CASEY: Birdie, birdie eagle on Amen Corner, I'm going to remember that for a long time.
I'm obviously disappointed. I got out of position horribly on 17 and 18 which was kind of reminiscent with how I played this week. Hasn't been very good until that streak today. But to shoot 65 today, it would have been hard to turn that down. And it was fun thinking, I was fully aware of what was going on. I pulled the tee shot on 16, but sneak one here, because that's always a gimme pin. If you get that tee shot right and feed it around, I know 63 is the course record, 62 is the lowest ever in a major. So I was aware. Not particularly nervous, just kind of having a good time and obviously didn't do it, but it was fun.

Q. Didn't have anything to do with 17 and 18?
PAUL CASEY: No, I didn't like 17 tee shot. I never have, my record on hitting that fairway.

Q. When you heard the cheers on 15, you tipped your hat to the crowd. At that moment you were as low as you were?

Q. What were you thinking at that point?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, yeah, yeah, what went through my mind is I've got a good rapport, as you know, with Justin Rose and Tommy Fleetwood, I was giggling to myself, because I was hoping they were going to put my name on the leaderboard. And as I saw them clear the space hoping, and then they didn't reveal my name, I was giggling to myself. I can only imagine what mainly Fooch, Justin Rose's caddy, because he's best friends with Johnny, my caddie, I can only imagine what was going through his mind and what he was saying. It was a lot of fun from kind of what was going on.

Q. Do you think other people in the big moment where you had the chance to make the course record?
PAUL CASEY: Other people and what they were thinking. Justin has been England's No.1 and quite rightly for quite such a long time. We were having a little chat whenever I get near him in the World Ranking, it would have been a nice little thing.

Q. Playing with Jeff yesterday, did that help at all, did you learn stuff from him, because obviously he knows the greens and knows the course?
PAUL CASEY: I know the greens pretty well. Not as well as Jeff. But it was just wonderful to play with a little bit of a legend. And to see the way he approaches this golf course, positions the golf ball and then the speed of his putts, that's just very nice to see and wonderful to play with, because it's the way I like to play this golf course. There are multiple ways of playing this golf course. There's a way I like to play this golf course, just position it around here. Because he doesn't have the length, but he has the everything else.

Q. You played with a marquee player yesterday, and your name is on the list of the top leaderboard today?
PAUL CASEY: It's cool. It shows you anything can happen in golf. You think you just scrape through the cut and kind of pop up on the leaderboard, kind of cool. Yeah, you know, it was a bit of a disappointing week for Friday and it turned out to be one of my certainly more enjoyable experiences because of what happened on the weekend.
And my little boy was out here today watching a little bit of golf. Hanging around and watching dad. He watched a couple of holes. He thought the SubAir system was the best thing ever. He figures Augusta is his favorite place.

Q. Speaking of Augusta, the air system and different things, the practice range, one of the top ranked in the world. How does it help you get ready for these rounds?
PAUL CASEY: It has to be the closest between‑‑ basically it's the best thing or the closest example of replicating a golf course on the practice grounds that we've ever seen it play. I don't know where else can do that, has pulled that off as well as Augusta National has, from the speed of the greens, firmness of the greens, grass type, shape of fairways, amazing. It's such a wonderful job from what it was many years ago. It was a car park. So absolutely amazing and wonderful and we love it. Rarely do I like it, but this is an exception. Spectacular stuff.

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