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April 8, 2018

Jordan Spieth

Augusta, Georgia

Q. JT was up here and said you really don't look at leaderboards, but surely at some point over the course of the day you realized what was going on and how close you had gotten?
JORDAN SPIETH: The first time I saw the leaderboard was after I tapped in on 18. Honest to God. Didn't look once today. That was my plan going in. I'm nine back. Go out and just have fun. Don't worry about the golf tournament, itself, worry about playing Augusta National. I heard roars. I knew somebody was playing well. With eight people ahead of me starting the day, to get that much help and shoot a fantastic round was almost impossible. But I almost pulled off the impossible. I had no idea. When I finished and I looked at the board I could have been in the lead by two and I could have been down four. And neither one would have surprised me.

Q. What does it feel like when you're playing that well and you're seeing your lines and you're rolling putts in?
JORDAN SPIETH: It was nice. I look back, and, man, I did everything right. The two days prior, too, and the weather was just on the hole. And chipped in for eagle, pins‑‑ it just‑‑ when you win, you get these kind of breaks. And it's happened to me every single time I've won. And you get a break or two throughout the golf tournament that could be a game changer.
For me in my first round of 2016 I was in the right rough‑‑ I hit the trees on 13, comes back in play. I make birdie. I hit it in the right rough on 14, hit the pin when it's going off the back of the green and make birdie. That kind of stuff that I didn't get any of it this week and still played the way that we played.
From where I was two or three weeks ago to now has been probably the most successful couple of weeks I've ever had in my career.

Q. How much confidence do you take away on this golf course specifically?
JORDAN SPIETH: Very much so. What we did on 12 today was really cool. I mean that hole, even when I didn't hit it in the water in previous years, I three‑putted in 2015 for bogey. So to play a disciplined shot, probably the most pressure‑packed shot I've ever hit, again, I had to idea where I stood, but still the Sunday pin at Augusta and I know what I've done, and my history there, to stand in that kind of pressure and hit the shot to the safe zone to knock that putt in was massive for me going forward. And in general this round was fantastic. I mean nobody's going to have a great Sunday every year at Augusta National. To be able to have a chance to win this tournament five years in a row is really, really cool. And that's how I'm going to take today.

Q. When you look back, I know you weren't watching, but that Patrick was able to grind it out?
JORDAN SPIETH: No, between he and Rory and Rickie there, all three of them up there, you know, at least four shots ahead of me, that's why I was‑‑ between the three of them somebody is one, two or all three of them are capable of shooting 5‑under under that kind of pressure, no matter what. And so I just‑‑ again, it was don't worry about the tournament at all, even when I got to 6‑under, 7‑under, 8‑under, 9‑under, it was still like‑‑ I still didn't care. It was working for me the way I was doing it, so there was no reason to change anything up. I was already playing to the safe zones to give myself the best opportunity to make birdie and tap in pars.
But it's no surprise to me that Patrick, who was most likely going to win majors in his career was able to do it from the lead. I mean it's very difficult to start from the lead Sunday at Augusta, especially a three or four shot lead, because as much as he wanted to put the pressure back on Rory, that is where the pressure is. You are expected to win. And that's a very difficult thing to sleep on. And he came out and obviously played a fantastic last seven holes from what I saw to win the Masters.

Q. Patrick Reed is your Ryder Cup teammate. What does it mean to welcome him to the exclusive club as a Master champion?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, it's fun to battle Patrick, I love it. Everybody really likes Patrick, because he loves it so much and eats it up. My only wish or regret from the week was that I was playing with him at some point on the weekend, to be able to kind of fire back and forth, instead of finishing up so early.
Anyway, he's a member of the Masters club now, he'll have a Green Jacket forever. His name is etched in history, and I'm sure he's going to carry everything that he went through today as we go into Paris and try to win a Ryder Cup on European soil.

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