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April 6, 2018

Bubba Watson

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Yesterday you told me something clicked at 13, did you feel that today?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, I did. I was really upset, though, I just didn't ‑‑ the lead kept getting further and further away. There was a couple of shots that I wish I could have back, and a couple of putts here and there. All in all it was a great day. Anytime you shoot under par or in the 60s around this place you're doing something right.

Q. Is there a moment you look back on?
BUBBA WATSON: Took us 40 minutes to play the hole, one of those things. But, no, I thought I hit a great shot. Again, we're all battling the same wind, and it just kept switching it felt like, just like yesterday. But this time it was more‑‑ it was faster speed. So maybe more violence. But I hit a great shot. It just didn't let me have a good shot.

Q. How good was it to save par there at 18 on that last putt?
BUBBA WATSON: It was very good. The green speeds on a couple of holes were a lot different than I was expecting. I made a lot of 5‑footers today, give or take five feet. Just say five feet to make it easy. It was very nice to make those putts. Today I putted well, that's what kept the round where it was.

Q. The shot you kind of curved around the tree?
BUBBA WATSON: I curve a lot of them. On No. 11?

Q. Yes.
BUBBA WATSON: I did that a few years ago, gosh, maybe like in '12, the first time I won. I hit a shot out of the woods the same way, towards the water and hooked it all around, saved par. And that's what I did today. Today my caddie wanted me to kind of lay up. But I said I have to do this, I've done it before and so he let me just free wheel it and do it.

Q. I imagine that's not a technical shot you're proud of as a youngster?
BUBBA WATSON: No, the thing I did is I just tried to hook it as much as I can. It was an 8‑iron I hit, with adjustments and everything, it's like 193 hole. I tried to hit a low 8‑iron. And the key was hooking it. If you over hook it you still have a chance to get it up and down. Because that's just the right side of the green or just in the fairway over there, or the cut over there. So that's all I was trying to do. And so once I saw it come off‑‑ again, the bonus was there's those big mounds, hills, whatever you call it, that can hold it, so it pushed it onto the green.

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