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April 5, 2018

Kyle Stanley

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Overall thoughts on your first round competitive round since 2012 at this course?
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, it was a little better. I felt like I hit it pretty well today. Didn't putt as well as I would like, but just not that I was hitting bad putts, it was just over reading the greens a little bit. So adjust a little bit for tomorrow, but, yeah, pretty happy with the day.

Q. Conditions, I know you prefer fast and firm, like you were talking about before. Did you get some of that today?
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, not much wind. But, yeah, the greens were pretty firm, fairways were pretty average, but, yeah, the greens are, I mean, yeah, firm.

Q. Any Clemson supporters along the way out there today or did you notice?
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, I saw quite a bit of orange and it's not too far from here, so, yeah.

Q. Have you had a chance to get much advice from any of your fellow players out here in your practice rounds or just in preparation this time?
KYLE STANLEY: I played nine with Zach on Tuesday, kind of picked his brain about a couple holes. No, I got here pretty early, I got here Thursday night, so I played, spent a lot of time out here, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, I actually took Monday off and didn't play out here on Wednesday, just played 18 on Tuesday. So the preparation was a little bit different, but I kind of know how I want to play the golf course this time around.

Q. You talked about taking Monday off and taking some time off maybe in the evenings, what has been a good way to get your mind off of golf when you're here at Augusta like this?
KYLE STANLEY: Well, I mean we got a pretty full house this week. We got my mom here, one of my good buddies, my wife, my dog, two sets of in‑laws‑‑ one set's staying with us. So, yeah, there's a lot going on, but it's a fun group. But, yeah, it's not too difficult to take my mind off stuff.

Q. Did you say one dog or two dogs?
KYLE STANLEY: Just one dog.

Q. That's enough?
KYLE STANLEY: Well we only have one.

Q. Are there places on this course that you love or places that just give you trouble? Any particular holes?
KYLE STANLEY: I mean I don't think I played out here enough to‑‑

Q. Categorize all of it?
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah. No, there's 18 pretty good holes out here. Most of the tee shots for the most part kind of fit my eye. There's really nothing that I found that, from a shot making standpoint makes me too uncomfortable if I am kind of faced with shots like that through out the round I'll just err on the conservative side. So I feel like I played pretty conservatively today and just tried to keep it simple and hit a lot of greens.

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