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April 5, 2018

Phil Mickelson

Augusta, Georgia

Q. What was happening out there?
PHIL MICKELSON: I was fractionally off today. I just wasn't quite sharp. I didn't strike it the way I wanted to. My short game wasn't quite as sharp as I wanted it to be. And I didn't capitalize on some putts that I've usually been making. But what I did do well is I Plotted my way around the golf course. I got in in a reasonable score. And if I was fractionally off, I'll get it turned around for tomorrow's round, and see if I can turn it around when things are clicking a little bit better.

Q. What will you work on to get it clicking?
PHIL MICKELSON: That's what I'm going to go do. I'm going to go work on putting and on ball‑striking, see if I can get those dialed in for tomorrow's round.

Q. What's a realistic score for tomorrow?
PHIL MICKELSON: To say the day before is impossible. You don't know where the pins are going to be nor do you know the weather. I'm not worried about setting a target score for tomorrow, but I just need to play well, hit shots and capitalize on some opportunities on the greens. And I probably threw three or four shots away on the greens that I have been making these putts all year and let a few go today.

Q. Talk about 18.
PHIL MICKELSON: That was terrible. It was up left‑to‑right, couldn't be easier, and I hit a terrible putt. That's the stuff I'm talking about.

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