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March 25, 2018

Bubba Watson

Austin, Texas

Q. You are in full form right now?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, it's nice. It's very nice. Obviously Kisner is a great player, he's played great all week. And you can just tell the energy was gone with the tough match this morning.

No, it's great for me. My family. Put another trophy on the mantle. What a dream come true. As you know, as a golfer, it's a dream come true to win a tournament.

Q. Certainly is. Your opponents didn't have their best stuff today. But in saying that, you still had to fight hard, didn't you, to really focus in on your game and to take care of business at your end and not get too wrapped up in what they were doing, correct?
BUBBA WATSON: For sure. This morning was very difficult, obviously. He's probably the hottest player of the week so far. He missed the putts. I made the putts.

And then this afternoon getting off to a quick start, just drained his energy even more. And then I made some putts coming down the stretch and that kept me going, and kept me up front.

Q. The confidence you must have had after the Genesis win and then you follow it up with a good finish in Mexico. You get the second win. How anxious or excited are you about driving down Magnolia Lane?
BUBBA WATSON: I'm really excited. I really hope Jim Furyk -- I know I'm not supposed to say this -- on the TV station, I hope Jim Furyk is watching, because I really want to play in France. I want to be a vice-captain, but I'd rather play.

Q. I work for this station, and I'm hoping you're there in France, as well. Congratulations on a great victory.
BUBBA WATSON: Thanks a lot.

Q. Congratulations. You seemed to control this entire match. You got Kevin down early and he couldn't recover.
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, that grueling match that he had this morning, extra holes, you could just tell, the energy wasn't there. The drive and the competition was there, but he was just exhausted. And obviously for me it works out great for me, but for him, he had a great week, but obviously buried the first hole. I buried that hole a couple of times this week. Getting off to a quick start like that just puts pressure on anybody.

Q. This is a very difficult championship to win, what you have to do on the weekend here. How satisfying is it standing on the 12th hole, closing out this early and winning this championship?
BUBBA WATSON: Unbelievable. A dream come true. Obviously ending on the 12th hole makes it a lot easier than try to battle and go extra holes like he did this morning.

Yeah, at the beginning of the week you don't know what's going to happen, because golf is very difficult. So for me to stay focused, stay committed to my shots, there's probably about four shots for the whole week that I wasn't committed to. That's pretty good for me.

Q. It just finished, but when you look back at 12 months ago, and to think that you've won two tournaments here in a short period of time, what a difference 12 months makes?
BUBBA WATSON: Oh, for sure. Being healthy, being stronger, just helps you physically, but mentally really is where it helps you, knowing that you can hit the shots again. Like that shot I hit on No. 10 just a second ago. 110 yards and I sliced it about 30 feet. And only tried to fly it 95. It's one of those shots that I could pull off when I'm healthy and stronger and that's where I am this year compared to next year.

Q. You've used that word "focus" a couple of times now. You told me over the years, sometimes you lose focus in this sport, and it's easy to do because it takes concentration throughout a long PGA Tour season. What got you to the point where you won in LA to end the West Coast Swing and now here you are the winner again in a World Golf Championship event and keeping that focus?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, you know, physical strength, healthy is going to let the mind be healthy. You're going to have confidence in yourself, knowing that I can hit certain shots and do certain shots again. Getting the strength back to hit the hard bomb or the big slice off the fee, things like that. And then making the putts, like I said, I got a new putter, first week I used it was LA, and they took two putters and milled it together, welded it together, whatever you want to call it, so I'm using this putter that's two putters in one. But it's worked out perfectly, and the stroke looks good, so it's working out.

Q. Are you still going on vacation tomorrow?
BUBBA WATSON: Yes, I'm going on vacation tomorrow. No matter if it's at home or wherever it is, it's vacation. Golf clothes will not be seen until next Saturday.

Q. How much more confident are you going into Augusta than you were two months ago?
BUBBA WATSON: Truly I know that we're supposed to make a big deal out of Augusta and everything, but it's a golf tournament. Everybody here, the top 64, well, top 71 or whatever they were in the world. So all those guys have a chance to win any week. I'm confident, obviously, having two wins. So if I miss the cut, I still have two wins to fall back on so far. But, yeah, when I get there, I'm going to look forward to it and hopefully I can get this focus and my putter rolling like it is.

Q. How does it feel to beat 71 of the best players in the world?
BUBBA WATSON: It's crazy to think about it. I've got two World Golf Championships, counting this one, and two majors. I'm done, you know? It's unbelievable to think about that, giving my mom a hug, six years old, having one golf club for a year, no lessons. I mean I can sit here and make up stories all day, but it's absolutely remarkable that I'm able to lift a trophy like this.

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