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March 24, 2018

Bubba Watson

Austin, Texas

Q. You came to the 18, were 1-down, you won four of the next five holes, what included three birdies and an eagle. Was that the most critical stretch in this match?
BUBBA WATSON: Well, yeah, anytime you get a lead like that. Then I played pretty silly on the short hole that you can drive, trying to get it close to the green. Made a quick bogey there.

I played pretty solid and I made the putts. On that stretch I made an eagle putt to tie him for an eagle, and then I made a 12, 15-footer for par. Then I made a 30-footer or so for birdie. And then another 15-footer for birdie. In that stretch I made the putts and he missed it. It's one of those things that just went my way.

Q. First time in this group format that you advance to the quarterfinals. What mentality did you bring to this championship compared to years past?
BUBBA WATSON: The whole thing, we're just focused on birdies. Play our game. If we shoot of 67 every day and get beat, then we just get beat. So that's what we've been trying to do is somehow shoot in the 60s, and 5-under is the number we're trying to get to.

I made some putts. And unfortunately on whatever hole that was, 16, I tried to hit it in the little valley of the rough and with that lie it just shoved a little further. Luckily, again, he missed a couple of putts he could have easily made, he's been known for making. I got saved there on 16. It was good to go through.

Q. You had four 3s in a row on the front side, and that put you ahead in this match and you never trailed since then. Seeing the lines well, putter is rolling well for you all week?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, just working on it. The last two days I've been making putts but the greens are a lot slower, a lot stickier.

It's nice, anytime you can win. Obviously it looked sloppy coming down the stretch. On 16 we tried to play to the valley, short of the green and chip across, but in my lie, it shoved a little further to the left.

All in all it was a great day. I made some putts, key putts. That's how you win these matches is just make putts somewhere.

Q. There was a key moment that really switched the momentum?
BUBBA WATSON: I made eagle I think on 6 to tie him. Tie him with an eagle. And then about a 15-12-footer for par, and then he made about an eight footer on top of me. I made some putts on a four hole stretch that were very big.

Q. Talk about the rest of the afternoon. You get a bit of rest now. You have the same mentality, go out there and try to shoot as low as possible?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, our goal was to shoot 67, five birdies and no bogeys. And if we get beat, we get beat.

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